The tatoos in the Mafiya:

Tuesday, February 23, 2010
I read this article from Rachel G Kaufman's note, so all credits go to her! Such interesting article, don't miss it!!!!!!!!!

The tatoos in the Mafiya

1. Stars in the knees mean don´t kneel down before any authority.

2. Spider moving up: thief in activity.
3. Crucifix: criminal authority.

4. Rose: ruined since he was very young.

5. Church: the number of towers show the number of years in prison

6. Tiger: I hate the policemen

7: Skull: ready to kill.
These are just some meanings: for example, skulls in the fingers count the number of assasinations.

The tats in this character: on his right shoulder, the tat shows his hierarchy in the Mafiya is high. The variations are in the center of the that, where it could have different designs. There is no design in this drawing. This tatoo up to the neck, it means he is an important authority in the Mafiya.

The cat tells he was a thief, and did his job alone (only one cat).

On his left arm we see a part of a tat: it loos like a spider´s net. If thats the case, he was/is a drug -addict.

Points in the stars: how many people he killed (it has more meanings). If the stars are on the knees, it means ´don´t kneel down before any authority´.


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