Sunday, February 21, 2010

So, a new function has been added - the lotto. Here's how it works:

Once a week, 5 lotto numbers are selected randomly by the computer. You may enter tickets into the drawing with the "Lotto" function. You can find this under the Godfather tab, then by clicking "Lotto" on that page. If you match a certain number of numbers, you can win prizes. Here they are:

Daily Chance Prizes
5 matching balls
333 reward points
4 matching balls
8 reward points
3 matching balls
A Daily Chance collection piece
2 matching balls
An unused Daily Chance ticket
1 matching balls
A random loot item

Four matching balls = 8 reward points? I mean, what are the odds for just 8 reward points? Weird.

Third, you get a point for each daily chance ticket you play. You can let these points build up to 6 total points and exchange them for rewards.

1 Ticket: Random Collection Item
2 Tickets: +10 Stamina
3 Tickets: +30 Energyy
4 Tickets: +1 Ticket
5 Tickets: +1 Stat Point
6 Tickets: +5 Godfather Points

This is actually pretty nice because without buying any reward points, you can collect an extra 5 godfather points per week. Collecting 5 Godfather Points is equivalent to ~1.43 stat points, which makes it more effective then buying +1 stat point.

You get one free ticket every day, and you may additionally buy a ticket for 52 godfather points. Doing some simple math here allows me to think it might take quite some time to collect the full lotto collection set, so I hope it is a good reward (will update when I get the information). None of the other rewards are that exciting- while 333 godfather points looks good on paper, the odds of matching all 5 are like winning the real lottery!

***UPDATE*** - lotto seems to give consumable items instead now, like illegal transaction records, cell phones, and blackmail photos instead of rare loot items.


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