Chop Shop New Free gifts

Friday, February 19, 2010
Chop Shop New Free gifts

3 New Free Gifts are available for you to send your Friends.
These are

  • Power Tools
  • Car Lift
  • Acetyline Torches
See the snapshot


nachtwache said...

Don't forget the bricks!

TRICKY1976 said...

And the containers

dddriver#1 said...

Do some ppl have differant items? I have the cement blocks and the containers and no lift or power tools......

Joker said...

yes people have different items. Unplayable today, we're losing gifts because of their stupid slow servers. pages are not loading Arghhghghgghghhgghh

josh markovitz said...

question - when it says help so and so build their chop shop and we press the button and give them somthing - does it come out of the stuff we have or is it beyond that and we don't lose anything. I wouldd love to help people but don't have 10 of each yet myself.

snotty said...

thanks for that

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