Items of Mystery Bag .

Friday, February 19, 2010
 Items of Mystery Bag

You may get

  • 10 free skill points
  • Any Godfather Items
  • New York Collection Items (Onyx Cuff-links, Gold Cigar, etc)
  • Boost (Injunction, etc)
  • Mr. Pinchy (new gift item)
  • New York consumables (UCP, etc)
  • 5 items from your wishlist (so make sure you have valuable items there!)
  • Chinese New Year Collection (random)
  • 10% discount on Godfather points purchase
  • Night Vision Goggles
  • 1 Godfather point
  • LE Huey
  • Konstantin Cargo Carrier
  •  and many more 
Please post What You Got?


ooohitsrainy said...

Red Coats, Forest Scorpion,Optical Camo Suit, Kage Jet and that is just so far.

protest said...

I put all lottery items on my gift list for the mystery bag. Will that work?

dddriver#1 said...

I received the 10 skill pts, huey, 5 cannons, was on wishlist at the time....and stupid stuff that doesnt do anything for my at level 299
why drop the ny items that we dont use anymore....and got some gf points....

ADITHIY said...

I got a godfather item,newyork items and a free
godfather point.

TRICKY1976 said...

20 skill points
10 hueys
5 GF points
8 boosts
5 kage jets
5 type-103 machine guns
All the chinese collection twice
Mr pinchy

dedy irawan said...

where languid indonesia

Mana said...

i am just getting crap i have already got

oceQ said...

I got over 100 viks,,just put it on the leftmost of ur wishlist... good luck.

nick said...

new york items only what a rip off,had items i needed on wish list

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