Free GodFather Points.

Monday, September 27, 2010
Las Vegas !!!!Free GodFather Points.
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Challenge Mission : Dublin - Chapter 2!

Saturday, September 25, 2010
Challenge Mission : Dublin - Chapter 2!
As in the previous chapter you will get a loot item upon completing every job, so you are able to get 4x of this mastery item.
You will need exactly 326 Pints of Stout and 7040 energy to finish it from A to Z. Thanks for the explanation, Kareem.
Mak and Red! also sent the infos, thanks to all of you, guys..

Here are the screenshots..
First job is waiting to be done!

We will have the mastery item for each job mastered! So, once again, this is not a glitch!

All the four jobs are accomplished! So we can have four of the mastery item for this chapter..

The mastery item ie Black Irish is a very good weapon.

Atlantic City Chapter 2

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Again, the jobs have generic names, with Mastery dropping from 7% to 5% to 4% to 2% as you go from Bronze to Silver to Gold to Ruby. The XP:Stamina ratio is again brutal - 1.3 at worst, 1.6 at best.

And your only pit stops along the way, besides getting the Skill Point at the end of each job, is completing an entire level:

You still earn Vegas dollars and get Vegas items as drop loot. In Chapter 2, however, I noticed slightly better Loot dropping from jobs - the two standouts being the Goldsmobile (55D) and Range Finder Rifle (54D).

I also realized that the low XP:Energy ration isn't as much of a problem as I thought. After all, when you level up, your Energy and Stamina - even when used in the best ratio jobs and fights - cannot get you even close to the next level, especially as you get higher and higher in levels.

So instead of being 1,800 XP short of the next level and reluctantly cashing in a 6,300 Energy point pack - which drives me crazy since so much of it goes to waste, I found that Atlantic City jobs' low ratio - along with the low ratio from the tons of Missions out there - make my Energy use more efficient. I still can't level up in one shot, but I also don't leave 4,000 Energy wasted when I do level up.

Your other option is to keep doing jobs in Napoli or Hoover Dam or Area 51, trying to nail the few and far between top items there (Meadow Viper, Corpo Armatura, Ballista Missile Launcher, Bighorn, Foo Fighter). But the drop rate on ANY item is so low if you're at Ruby level in those Districts/Regions, to the point that you can spend 5,000+ Energy and get one Hopped Up Thug or one Cinghiale for your efforts.

In Atlantic City - Chapter 2, after spending some 70,000+ Energy points, you'll reach the finish line:

The Bullet 44 OET will be a standout in your Vehicle list on both Attack and Defense, and just LOOKS good:

One other neat feature about Atlantic City is your ability to upgrade your stats when you level up - you don't need to go back to Mafia Wars on Facebook to do this:

The best feature of Atlantic City is still the ability to collect from all of your Properties - in all 6 cities - while you're away from the computer.

Atlantic City: Chap 3

Monday, September 20, 2010
Atlantic City: Chapter 3, called "South Jersey".  

This seems like a well-thought out name by Zynga because Atlantic City is, after all, in the southern half of New Jersey along with over 200 other towns in the 9 counties comprising "South Jersey"... and thus makes as much sense as using "South Europe" for the title of Italy: Region 6, when it finally debuts in May 2013.

At the same time, Atlantic City: Chapter 1 was renamed "Uptown", while Chapter 2 was christened as "Boardwalk" - with the menu providing a hint that more chapters will follow.

For the most  part, the new chapter is like the previous two: click, click, click, job done, repeat.  Contrary to conventional wisdom, however, you CAN play Mafia Wars: Atlantic City on your desktop if you are bored to death like.

South Jersey/Chapter 3 featured the same layout as previous chapters: 4 levels with 6 jobs in each.  At Bronze level mastery, some jobs completed at 10% or 9% per click; by Ruby level, you get 2% or 3%.  It's a big energy drain, but what the hell else is there to do while we wait forever for the rest of Italy you'll earn 24 Skill Points for completing the chapter.

Your only checkpoints along the way are these artistic masterpieces signs indicating your completion of each of the four levels.

All kidding aside - there *is* something new and exciting about Chapter 3: actual "Atlantic City Loot" - items that do not drop anywhere else, including Las Vegas, which is the source of currency and other Atlantic City job drop Loot.  

I saw (or learned of) 3 new items dropping exclusively in Atlantic City:

Ground Hugger
Vehicle (55A/30D)

Frilled Lizard
Animal (26A/57D)

This item should be pretty valuable - other than the Bighorn (Hoover Dam, 64D), there is no collectible Animal that drops from City jobs with better Defense than the Frilled Lizard.

There are superior defensive Animals in your Italy Port...but you can't trade them. The Operations Loot Coyote (also 64D) can be traded, but is hard to come by - and certainly can't be collected at will like the Frilled Lizard. 

Armor (25/58)

The clear photo highlights my failure

I actually went through all 24 jobs and 167,388 Energy points in South Jersey without finding one of these, but read a lot about the Pick Pocket - an Armor piece with 58 Defense.  This stat made the Pick Pocket a hot item, especially since there was a day or two in which you could BUY this item (or 501 of them) to boost your defense stats if your lowest defense Armor was under 58.


The good news about Atlantic City Loot?  You can gift/trade/Wish List these items.   The Frilled Lizard should fetch a few Weapons Parts on the trading boards, though it's hard to load up on them.  Given the wealth of Amphiquads and Cooling Vests out there, an Animal with 57 Defense is more valuable than a Vehicle with 55 Attack or Armor with 58 Defense.

Atlantic City:Chapter 3 also features better Las Vegas loot dropping from jobs than in prior AC chapters.  Now you will get an occasional Range Finder Rifle and Diamondback.

Your reward for completing Ruby level mastery of South Jersey is a Big Bang (119A/100D) - a very nice Weapon.

Where Is the San Juan Event?

Monday, September 6, 2010
Where Is the San Juan Event?

Mafia Wars says
Due to the overwhelming popularity of the San Juan event, we are making some adjustments to the feature to improve game performance. We apologize for any inconvenience this might be causing and are actively working on brining back the fight event. We will make sure that everyone has more than enough time to complete the fight. Thank you again for your patience.

Challenge Mission : Mumbai - Chapter 3!!!

Challenge Mission : Mumbai - Chapter 3!!!
Mumbai Mission Chap 3 started .

Chapter 3 requires 15545 energy and 455 Bollywood Film Reels .

The Reward Item is Great!!!
Did U complete?

Pignata is back

Pignata is back

You must have seen this on your game . we have this feature back!

You can send Pignatas to your friends as free gift and hoping that they will be nice to send you once..
U can get the Pignatas from his mafia friends..

Well, it is not nice that we can only receive 3 gifts in 24 hours.. and also you have to receive the gifts right away or in periods of time before the gifts expired!


Saturday, September 4, 2010

San Juan Reward Items

Friday, September 3, 2010
San Juan Reward Items
These are the  Reward Items of San Juan event.

Senor Carazco
10 000 / 30 000 / 120 000 Health
A30/D43 // A40/D68 // A49/D87 Throwing Knives

General Vargas
12000 / 36 000 / 144 000 Health
A20/D47 // A42/D76 // A57/D95 MG Gloss 350

Don Ramirez
14 000 / 42 000 / 168 000 Health
A50/D38 // A80/D55 // A106/D71 Night Vision Viewer

Big Lou
16 000 /48 000 /192 000 Health
A56/D48 // A85/D60 // A110/D82 Red Piranha

Beat all 4 bosses at Gold Mastery to win:
A62/D40 // A88/D46 // A112/D58 Outlander

San Juan Event - Coming Soon!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

San Juan Event - Coming Soon!
Not all players have this banner on their game.. San Juan is a capital city of Puerto Rico... known as the city of walled.
But New event is coming.
 Wait to have the Fight Event So that u can get some new loots.

San Juan Event - Coming Soon!

San Juan Event - Coming Soon!
Not all players have this banner on their game.. San Juan is a capital city of Puerto Rico... known as the city of walled.
But New event is coming.
 Wait to have the Fight Event So that u can get some new loots.

Game Card Item : The Osprey Helicopter

Game Card Item : The Osprey Helicopter

A  limited edition item for redeeming a Game Card!
 u can get.

New Slot Machine Game Feature!!!

 New Slot Machine Game Feature!!!
Mafia Wars says-Play the Lucky Stash for new rewards! We've updated the prizes in the Lucky Stash slot machine - now you have a chance of winning some amazing brand new LE items. Try your hand on the Lucky Stash today!
If you play your friend's Slots game, you can see the Pay Table... see the new reward items..

So play and win these