Is it Final? Vory or Mafyia?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010
 Is it Final? Vory or Mafyia?

When it is time for Boss final, the eng/exp ratio is better for Mafiya.

The Money is WAY better if you choose Mafiya in the earlier jobs.

Surely, it will be different the next chapter , as it was from the first to the second.

1. The Mafiya pathway costs more money (you need 6 Taksis) while in the Vory pathway you only need 3 Taksis. On the other hand, The Mafiya pathway is more efficient (1.71 xp per energy vs 1.68 xp per energy). Who like that, could choose one side for some jobs and the other in next jobs, because of the loot. Anyway, final equip value is less than 5 %

2. In the Russian Mafia, ' Vory v zakone' means "thieves in law". After 1900, the common name for Vory v zakone is MAFIYA. Ergo, Vory v zakone and Mafiya means the same :)

Mastering the tiers: both give us same items if we have mastering the tiers. See the mastery items here.

PS : Credit goes to Jeff Downs! Thank you to Rachel G Kaufman for the notes!


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