Consumables list of Italy

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

 Consumables list of Italy
Notes :
* Cooked Books will master the required Job fully in Region 5. You will need additional Cooked Books to loot the Hidden Charges needed in Region 5.
* Fewer Smart Phones and Hidden Charges will be needed if you do not complete all Paths
Just remember to keep collecting these Consumables on the Bronze level and also to collect more than it should, because we still have unlocked Regions in Italy.



Just like the Consumables in Italy, do the Property jobs over and over on Bronze level until you have enough building parts..

Vegas Rare Collections - Dropping From Jobs

Tuesday, October 19, 2010
We can get Vegas Collections dropping from doing jobs.. and they are not the common ones.. we can also got the rare collections!

On the screenshot below, I am using RepeatJob Vegas tool from Spockholm.. Got 2x Planet Bollywood which is one of the RARE collection item in Vegas!

This one got 1x of the RARE Saguaro..

And one of our friend, JS, sent me the screenshot.. He spent lots of Energy and do 1200 jobs in Vegas. Let's see what he got here..

Lots of Planet Bollywood collections, Saguaro, Mountain Lion, but no Four of A Kind! (Perhaps this collection is dropping from another job?)

The conclusion is now that the drop rate of these rare collections is good.. You can find it dropping easily, specially if you have tons of Energy!

Super Pignatas Comes Back

Saturday, October 9, 2010
Super Pignatas Comes Back

Super Pignatas Comes Back

You can send it from the Free Gift section.

And since Challenge Mission - Dublin has gone, you can ignore the Pint of Stouts item (Veron still receive it from opening her Mystery Bag).

U can only accept 5 Super Pignatas in a day.. the reward items are still the same with the previous one..

Zynga Request Page(New)

Friday, October 8, 2010
 Zynga Request Page(New)

This is Very Great .
Our Time will not waste now.Just visit Zynga Message Center or Zynga Request Page by clicking on the icon beside your HELP button on the game bar..

You will be arrived here..
There are 5 tabs, you may view all the gifts or request, view Mafia invites only, view Free Gifts only, Energy packs, or Crime Spree!

 So accept all your request now.

New City For Mafia Wars Mobile

New City For Mafia Wars Mobile
There is a new city for you if you play Mafia Wars using mobile phone.
You can find the info on the banner inside our game.. Thanks to Anol and Cohen for this..

If you visit the link inside the screenshot, will take you to this site :

Link :

Leonard somehow got this screenshot and pass the info to me.. Thanks, Leonard.
Check out the ads, please..

So if you play Mafia Wars through your phone (iPhone or else), you will be able to visit a new city called Atlantic! It will use the same currency as Vegas with new unique jobs and rewards to explore...

New City Italy is coming

 New City Italy is coming
 This is Great
You can see the notification on our game, there is a "New" message above the "Travel" button.

If you click on Travel button, you will see this destination..

Click on Italy above and you will arrive on this page..

Wow, we will have new Properties to build, Boss Fights and Italy jobs to accomplished and get new loot items as well collections!
Don't you think that it's too soon to release a new city? Or it's about time?

Las Vegas !!!Free Consumables on Job

Las Vegas !!!Free Consumables on Job
Hotel Security Key Card
You will Find it at  Swipe A Security Keycard job     in  District 4
Use this at Hack The Casino Security System in  District 4 and Infiltrate A Top Secret Bunker in  District 7

Alarm Code

You will Find it at  Buy Some Black-Market Info job     in  District 3
Use this at Do Some Late Night Shopping in  District 3

 Hot Tip
You will Find it at Help A Bookie Out Of A Jam job     in  District 2
Use this at  Clean Up At A Rigged Table

Unwanted Evidence
You will Find it at  Create A Diversion job     in  District 5
Use this at Dispose Of The Evidence in  District 5

 Car Key Copy
 You will Find it at Blackmail A Car Dealer job     in  District 1
Use this at  Secure Some Wheels in  District 1

Coming Tonight - Social Missions!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010
Coming Tonight - Social Missions!
Please check the info about this new feature on Zynga forum..
For more detail and if you want to participate on the thread, please visit the thread here :