Complete New York Tier

Tuesday, February 23, 2010
New York
This is the normal calculation of necessary amount of loot item to complete NY. In Big apple week the requirement is half.So don`t late to complete it.

Enforcer Tier: Liquor Smuggling (20 x L), Run Illegal Poker Game (20 x T, 20 x C), Wiretap the Cops (WD)
Level 1: 100 x L, 100 x T, 100 x C, 5 x WD
Level 2: 100 x L, 100 x T, 100 x C, 5 x WD
Level 3: 120 x L, 120 x T, 120 x C, 6 x WD
Total: 160 x Liquor (L), 320 x Tokens (T), 320 x Cards, 16 x Wiretap Device (WD)

Hitman Tier: Obtain Compromising Photos (CC), Frame a Rival Capo (2 x WD)
Level 1: 9 x CC, 11 x WD
Level 2: 10 x CC, 13 x WD
Level 3: 10 x CC, 15 x WD
Total: 29 x Concealable Camera (CC), 39 x Wiretap Device (WD)
Note: You need Concealable Cameras more than this to loot enough Blackmail Photos

Capo Tier: Flip a Snitch (UCP), Dodge an FBI Tail (UCP)
Level 1: 22 x UCP
Level 2: 37 x UCP
Level 3: 45 x UCP
Total: 104 x Untraceable Cell Phone (UCP)Cosigliere Tier: Influence a Harbor Official (BMP), Ransom a Businessman's Kids (UCP), Fix the Big Game (ITR)
Level 1: 10 x BMP, 10 x UCP, 15 x ITR
Level 2: 12 x BMP, 12 x UCP, 17 x ITR
Level 3: 13 x BMP, 13 x UCP, 20 x ITR
Total: 35 x Blackmail Photos (BMP), 35 x Untraceable Cell Phone (UCP), 52 x Illegal Transaction Records (ITR)

Underboss Tier: Extort a Corrupt Judge (ITR), Embezzle Funds Through a Phony Company (ITR, CSU), Order a Hit on a Public Official (UCP), Take Over an Identity Theft Ring (CSU)
Level 1: 54 x ITR, 54 x CSU, 34 x UCP
Level 2: 75 x ITR, 75 x CSU, 50 x UCP
Level 3: 134 x ITR, 134 x CSU, 100 x UCP
Total: 263 x Illegal Transaction Records (ITR), 263 x Computer Set-up (CSU), 184 x Untraceable Cell Phone (UCP)

Boss Tier: Buy Off a Federal Agent (BMP), Blackmail the District Attorney (BMP), Shake Down a City Council Member (ITR)
Level 1: 68 x BMP, 25 x ITR
Level 2: 100 x BMP, 34 x ITR
Level 3: 200 x BMP, 50 x ITR
Total: 368 x Blackmail Photos (BMP), 109 x Illegal Transaction Records (ITR)

Grand total

320 x Liquor (L)
320 x Tokens (T)
320 x Cards
55 x Wiretap Device (WD)
29 x Concealable Camera (CC) (+ what you need to get enough Blackmail Photos)
263 x Computer Set-up (CSU)
412 x Untraceable Cell Phone (UCP)
403 x Blackmail Photos (BMP)
424 x Illegal Transaction Records (ITR)

See where this item are found .


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