Prepare For Moscow!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010
Prepare For Moscow!

Upcoming Moscow Wars!

Our arrival in the city has upset the balance of power. Will you side with the Vory, the princes of thieves and the Old Guard of the Russian underworld? Or maybe you'd prefer the company of the brutally ruthless and efficient Mafiya? The decisions you make will have consequences, so choose carefully. Udachi! (Udachi means success).

To have success you need the family you currently have or you will be basically starting over if everyone makes a different choice. Example you go Vory & your mastermind goes Mafiya, you no longer have your mastermind as he'll be fighting against you!

They are giving small clues about this & that is why I'm trying to let everyone know the real consequences, which is you could lose your current family.

It'll be very bad for families that are tagged, they will be fighting against each other if they don't all wait & agree on which way to go.

Each side will have different weapons, the Vory are thieves so they will be able to steal the weapons of the Mafiya much easier, yet the Mafiya are brutal so they will have better defense.

WE believe it's going to be a complete upset as it states, it just doesn't state the upset is with your current family. Example if you have 1000 members right now, that could go down to 500 or less if there isn't some type of communication.

The real problem is the communication as many are eager for Russia to open & they could find themselves on their own & they won't be able to change.

Some studies show the best way to go is with the Mafiya. . . . but they can be wrong! I'm seeing through the words & reading through the Zynga links & they are right, it could be an upset, but to us!

There is just so much to it. Main point is making sure you're with your top mafia. But if you're on the opposite, you can easily switch your Top Mafia, right?

A little research on the two options being offered:

Vory - The thieves... Vory v zakone or "thieves in law". This class of criminal had to abide by certain rules in the prison system. One such rule was that cooperation with the authorities of any kind was forbidden. During World War II some prisoners made a deal with the government to enlist in the armed forces in return for a reduced sentence, but upon their return to prison they were attacked and killed by inmates who remained loyal to the rules of the thieves.

During the Leonid Brezhnev era when the Soviet economy took a downhill turn, the Vory would take control of the black market with the help of corrupt officials, supplying products such as electronics which were hard to reach for the ordinary Soviet citizen.
I'm thinking Cuba for these guys due to the corrupt officials...

Russian Mafiya - Widespread corruption, poverty and distrust of authorities only contributed to the rise of organized crime. Contract killings reached an all-time high with many gangland murders taking place, a substantial number remaining unsolved. The new criminal class of Russia took on a more Westernized and businesslike approach to organized crime as the more code-of-honor based Vory faded into extinction.

This "mafia" mass immigrated to NY in the 1990's acquiring an Israeli passport to be granted permission to leave. Also, many other Russians and Russian criminals obtained falsified documents to prove they had Jewish ancestry, in order to be issued with Israeli passports so they could emigrate to America as well.[citation needed] In the United States a key location for Russian organized crime was the Russian community of Brighton Beach in Brooklyn, New York.

Possible directions? The former Soviet Bloc's opening up to the world and the internationalization of its economy also gave the Russian mafia connections to other criminal organizations around the world such as the Chinese Triads or the Sicilian Cosa Nostra. Connections with Latin American drug cartels allowed the Russian mafia to import cocaine into the country.

At this point this is rumor. For Russia : You will need to start saving up on s Untraceable Cell Phone, ITRs, BMPs, and Computer Setup too.. I have heard that a few of the jobs will require you to have 501 of the Brass Knuckles, .22 Pistols, Butterfly Knives so keep all those weapons just incase this is true.



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