El Cacique - New Job Tier

Tuesday, February 23, 2010
El Cacique - New Job Tier
New tier went live tonight in Mafia Wars: Cuba called "El Cacique." There are 8 new jobs available with two new loot drops. Here is a picture with all the jobs, their energy cost, and what items they require:(click on the image to see fully)

Required 872 Politicos and 109 UCPs.
Tier 1 - 200 Politicos, 25 UCPs
Tier 2 - 272 Politicos, 34 UCPs
Tier 3 - 400 Politicos, 50 UCPs
*** Tier 3 is 2% on Politico Corrupto (you need 400), 2% on cellphones (you need 50)
New Items: the Canonazo (weapon) and the Track Loader (vehicle):

Best Items for attack.

These are now the two best weapons in slot. The Canonazo, with 42 attack and 22 defense, has the same attack as TNT but with +2 defense, so nothing spectacular there. However, the Track Loader, with 37 attack and 32 defense, is a pretty nice item. Although the Track Loader is only 1 attack over the Hu-9 Helicopter, it does have a hefty extra 5 defense. With 69 total stat points, it is the best vehicle around.


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