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Tuesday, February 23, 2010
Mafia Wars Achievements

There are many achievements available in Mafia Wars. Each achievement gives you +1 stat point upon completion (in addition to bragging rights). So not only do you have something to work for, but you can pick up some extra stat points along the way. Here is a list of the achievements and a brief guide on how to unlock them:

Napoleon Complex
- Earned by defeating someone with a bigger mafia

This one is not as hard as it sounds. Try to pick a weak target with a larger mafia size (use the sizing up an opponent guide if you are not sure how to do that) and attack them repeatedly. Even if they are a lot stronger than you, eventually you will score a critical hit and win (happens about every one in ten fights).

- Earned by winning 15 fights in a row

Also a pretty easy achievement. Pick a very easy target and attack them over and over. This can take some time, as you will need a bit of luck to win 15 times in a row. If you always attack the same weak target, eventually you will score 15 wins in a row.

Armed and Dangerous
- Earned by owning 10 Tommy Guns

This ones easy. You'll pick it up as you do jobs - some jobs require more than 10 Tommy Guns

Personal Fleet

- Earned by owning 500 Town Cars

Odds are, you will never need 500 town cars. By the time you have the money to afford them, you should have already replaced some of these with item drops from jobs (like humvees). The idea here is to just buy 500 town cars and then sell off the ones you don't need.

The First is the Hardest
- Earned by depositing $1,000,000

This should happen by the Soldier or Enforcer tier at the latest. All that you need to do is deposit 1,000,000 in the bank. It must be done in 1 deposit; that is you can not deposit 500,000 twice and get this achievement, it must be done in one lump sum.

Personal Bailout
- Earned by depositing $1,000,000,000

This one is actually pretty easy once you are at higher levels. By the time you master the Consigliere tier, you should be able to deposit 1,000,000,000. It must be done in one deposit.

That's with a "T"
- Earned by depositing $1,000,000,000,000

This one is the second hardest achievement. Odds are you will need to be a master boss to get this done. I have seen several people now with this achievement. The easiest way to collect money is via the "Make Arrangements for a Visiting Don" job in the boss tier. It pays $57,000,001-$96,900,001 per time for 35 energy (if you have a good wheelman). Despite this, it would take doing this job about 13,000 times to get this done! Obviously, you will need a large energy pool (as outlined in the leveling guide) and a lot of property to earn this much money. If you are a high level player and have been playing for months, this probably won't be a big deal, but it can take a few weeks for a brand new player to achieve.

Nest Egg
- Earned by depositing $10,000,000,000,000

This is the hardest achievement in game. The earliest date I have seen for completion of this is 5/21/2009 - about 3 weeks after this achievement went live. The same strategy applies for the "That's with a T" achievement. I would recommend not depositing any money in the bank because of the -10% fee if you are trying to go for this achievement. Buy a lot of property and make a lot of arrangements for visiting dons. Good luck!

- Earned by vaulting a collection

This one is very easy. Vault a collection to earn it.

- Earned by vaulting at least nine collection

As you level up the jobs, you'll begin to piece together collections. If you are missing a few pieces, look around on facebook for trading groups. People there will often be able to trade you the piece you are missing.

Wing Man
- Earned by helping out 10 friends who call for backup

Sometimes you will see help requests for other players in your notifications and news feed on Facebook. By clicking the picture, you will be able to help out a fellow mafia member on a job. You will earn exp, money, and occasionally a collection item for doing so. If you do this 10 times, you will earn this achievement.

- Earned by helping out 200 friends who call for backup

This is pretty much the same thing as the Wingman achievement, except it takes a lot longer. More people play Mafia Wars in the evening (after they get home from work), so the best time to look for job postings is in the evening. Additionally, having more mafia members gives you more opportunities to help out, so increase your mafia size in order to have more opportunities to complete this achievement.

- Earned by sending ten gifts to your Mafia

Another easy achievement. Go into the gifting tab and pick 10 random mafia members and send them items you don't want.

Spreading it Around
- Earned by sending 501 gifts to your Mafia

This one is a bit tougher simply because it takes awhile to collect 501 items to send! The "Rob the Electronics Store" job drops an item every time, and you need a lot of concealable cameras to master all the jobs. Believe it or not, you will end up with a surplus of untraceable cell phones on your road to master boss. You can send these to your mafia members that need them to hit the 501 gifts needed.

Try to master all the achievements (except for perhaps the $1,000,000,000,000 ones, simply for sanity) to get extra skill points! Good luck!

Mafia Wars Cuba

One Down
- Achieved by mastering at least one stage in New York.
Strategy: Master one stage in New York..

What else you got?
Achieved by mastering all the tiers in New York
Strategy: Please see the leveling guide.

Island Bound
-Earned by traveling to Cuba
Strategy: Hit level 35, click the fly to Cuba button.

Banana Republic
- Earned by owning all four businesses in Cuba
Strategy: Money may seem tight in Cuba to start, but don't worry. You'll master this in no time. Don't buy any businesses until you master the first tier once; you'll need the money to buy the required items for the jobs before that.

Havana Hat Trick
Earned by mastering at least one job tier in Cuba.
Strategy: Just play in Cuba for a bit, it will happen in no time.

Like a Hurricane
Earned by winning 1000 fights in Cuba.
Strategy: This is the only strategy in Cuba that will actually take a bit of time. If you are struggling to win fights in Cuba, find an easy target in Cuba to attack repeatedly as discussed .

My Little Friend
- Earned by gifting an M16A1 to a friend.
Strategy: Do the "Transport a Shipment of US Arms" job in the El Capitan tier until you get one of these guns, then gift said gun to someone in your mafia. Easy enough.

Achievements added 6/18/2009

- Earned by collecting over 1,000,000 Cuban Pesos
Strategy: Not actually too bad. Once you work through Mafia Wars: Cuba, start buying businesses. Fully upgraded businesses will be able to knock this achievement out in 4 days.

Big Business
- Earned by fully upgrading a single Cuban business.
Strategy: Will happen en route to International. Don't worry too much about this or the Tycoon achievement, just buy some businesses and they will pay to upgrade themselves in short order.

Earned by fully upgrading all Cuban Businesses

Working Man
Earned by doing 20 jobs in one day
Strategy: Easy. They do not have to be different jobs - if you have 20 energy you can just do one energy jobs in the Street Thug tier and earn it easily. Or, you can just work on leveling up and you should get it!

- Earned by doing a job every day for seven days
Strategy: Do a job once every seven days.

Big Spender
- Earned by purchasing an item or service with Reward Points
Strategy: Level up 28 times and buy +4 stat points, or spend your money on some.

Treasure Hunter
- Earned by finding a rare item in a mystery crate
Strategy - Buy mystery crates. Sucks because the rares in the mystery crate are pretty poor quality, maybe they will upgrade them at some point

Slum Lord
Earned by owning 30 apartment complexes
Strategy - Buy 30 apartment complexes

Cashing out
Earned by selling 50 Mega Casinoes
Strategy - Buy and sell 50 Mega Casinoes. If you don't have any Mega Casinoes, you can buy and sell them 1 (or 10) at a time to save money.

Getting the Crew Together
- Earned by promoting friends to each Top Mafia position
Strategy - Find some friends, promote them to top Mafia.

Crime C.E.O.
Earned by assembling a Top Mafia with all players above level 100
Strategy - Not too bad, by the time you have 50 or so Mafia members, you should be able to find enough to put in your Top Mafia.

Knife Thrower
- Earned by looting 10 Butterfly Knives.
Strategy - You should earn this achievement just in the process of leveling up.

Uncle Sam
Earned by owning 50 federal agents.
Strategy - They had to put this in after I gave all mine away! At any rate, you get federal agents from the "Buy off a Federal Agent" job in the boss tier. They do not have a good drop rate, and the job requires blackmail photos, so I would recommend being a Master Boss before going for this achievement. It might take a few days worth of energy packs to collect enough blackmail photos to get this one.

What's after Trillion?
- Earned by depositing 999 Trillion Dollars
Strategy - I'll be surprised if anyone ever gets this legitimately within the year. It took a few weeks for people to hit the 10 trillion mark, so getting 100 times that is going to take quite some time. I think this was just put in the game to give people who have done everything something to do. *Apparently, some long time players have this much money due to no longer existent hitlist mechanism where you could put people up for hits for unlimited amounts of money.

- Earned by surviving for over 60 minutes on the Hit List.
Strategy - This one actually looks pretty interesting. Surviving on the Hit List takes an interesting build - you need to be able to win a lot of fights on defense (see guide), but you also need to have a lot of health so that you do not get knocked out in between bouts of healing. On the hit list, you can be knocked out even if you win every fight on defense. If you win 100 fights, you're still taking damage on most fights, and eventually you will get knocked out. You can heal every minute or so, but if you only have the base line level of health, you will not last very long on the hitlist. You can try to have this done at off-peak hours (in the middle of the night) and have a friend list you, but Mafia Wars is an international game, so there will never be truly be an opening.

That's Amore
- Earned by gifting a Diamond Ring to any player under level 8
Strategy - Get a friend to play, gift them a ring before they get past level 8. In other news, the Diamond Ring crops up on everyone's wishlist..

The Best Offense
Earned by defeating 6 attackers in a row
Strategy - See the How to Win Fights on Defense guide. The best way to get attacked 6 times in a row is to get someone to list you on the hitlist after you get an outfitted Mafia of 501. It can be done earlier, but requires a bit of luck. Alternatively, you could have a weaker friend attack you until you get it.

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