Limited Time Item:Amur Leopard

Friday, April 29, 2011

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NY Upgrade Sale

Thursday, April 28, 2011
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Brazil Fighting/Stamina Cost 411 & FAQ

Info From MW blog
When Brazil was launched there were many new features that were introduced. One of the feature changes that you will find only in Brazil is in regards to the amount of Stamina that players is charged for Attacks and Power Attacks. With the release of Brazil, players now have different a stamina cost based upon their level within the game. Part of this update also includes an increase in the amount of the reward you can receive based upon your level within the game.

User-added image

Q: How come some players are getting 5 times the amount of loot when they are fighting?
A: The loot drop is correlative to amount of Stamina points used for a fight. The Stamina amount needed to fight in Brazil is determined by the players level within the game.

Q: How are the drop rates calculated?
A: The amount of loot you might find is multiplied by the amount of Stamina points you use to attack. (It is importanat to note, that this is based only upon of the amount of Stamina used to attack, not the Power Attack feature.)

Q: When will I be able to increase the amount I earn from fighting?
A: The multiplier used to determine the amount of an item that you will receive from fighting is based upon your level. When you cross each threshold your multiplier will increase.

Q: Can the amount I earn be manually increased?
A: Unfortunatley, no. The amount of the drop rates is tied directly to your level within the game and this cannot be manually adjusted by our agents. In order obtain the higher drop rates you will need to increase your level within the game.

Q: I was fighting someone in Brazil, but I didn't receive the Brazil items.
A: If you are fighting someone in Brazil, and their character travels to another city, you will not receive items from Brazil. You can verify this by checking to see if the Brazil Real is listed: User-added image. In the image below, the player has traveled away from Brazil.
User-added image

Q: Will I receive loot items every time that I fight?
A: No. This is a random drop and it is not guaranteed that you will find items each time that you fight.

Q: If I am at level 501, will I receive 5 items every time that they drop?
A: No. For each level you can obtain up to the maximum for that level, but you are not guaranteed to receive the maximum each time that you fight. Finding loot items is completely random, and you may or may not receive them when fighting.

Q: Where will i see the items when a drop occurs after I fight?
A: You will see thise items below the fight specs and they will be labeled as Bonus Loot!

User-added image

Q: Where will I find the items that have dropped.
A: You can find these items on your loot page. You can also click the word 'Loot' on the drop notification and you will be taken to that page.

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21 New Loots

Zynga added 21 New Loots for us to Collect.They are from MarketPlace,Secret Stash,Limited Time Mission and Terminator vs Rambo Event

1.Cringe Rifle (Limited Time Mission)

2.PushBack (MarketPlace,25 Reward Point)

3.The Choppa (MarketPlace,25 Reward Point)

4.Good Luck (MarketPlace,25 Reward Point)

5.Confirmed Match

6.Puma (Secret Stash, ERROR duplicated from Brazil)

7.Croc Skin Jacket (Secret Stash,ERROR duplicated from Brazil)

8.Tarantula (Secret Stash)

9.Spider Monkey (Secret Stash)

10.Savannah Patroller (Secret Stash)

11.Heads Up (Secret Stash)

12.Final Word (Secret Stash)

13.Arachnid Cruiser (Secret Stash)

14.Web Climbing Rope (Secret Stash)

15.Ice Climbing Gear (Secret Stash)

16.Ice Climber (Secret Stash)

17.Blizzard Cannon (Secret Stash)

18.Jungle Strike (Terminator vs Rambo Event)

19.I'll Be Back (Terminator vs Rambo Event)

20.Rambo Head's Band (Terminator vs Rambo Event)

21.Get Down (Terminator vs Rambo Event)

Terminator vs Rambo 411 & FAQ

Terminator vs Rambo 411 & FAQ

Updated 04/28/2011 at 01:25
 User-added image                    User-added image                    User-added image

What happens when you pit two legendary actions heroes against each other?  Well...only you can decide!  You and your friends have the chance to select who kicks the best arsenal.  

 User-added image

Q:  When will this event begin?
A:  This event is scheduled to begin on Thursday, April 28, 2011

Q:  How come some of my friends are seeing this event, but I do not show it on my account?
A:  Like many of our quests and challenges, this will be a gradual release to ensure stability within the game.  (Not all players will have initial access to this feature.)

Q:  Is it possible to be manually added to this challenge?
A:  Unfortunately our agents will not be able to add you to this event.  This feature will be slowly rolled out to all of our players.

Q:  When will this event end?
A:  This event is scheduled to end on Wednesday, May 4, 2011.  A countdown timer will be activated to let you know how much time you have remaining to complete your collection for the hero of your choice.

User-added image

Q:  What are the items that I will need to collect?
A:  Through feeds and requests you will be able to collect the 'I'll be Back' or the 'Jungle Strike'.

User-added image                                                         User-added image

Q:  How many weapons will I need to collect for the hero I want to win?
A:  You will need collect ten weapons for each hero you want to 'own'.

Q:  How many times I can collect for each hero?
A:  You can own up to five of each hero, just remember that it will take 10 weapons for each hero to 'own' them.  If you want to 'own' five of each hero to ensure that you win the maximum number of trophies at the conclusion of this event, you will need to collect 50 weapons for each hero.

Q:  How am I supposed to decide which weapon to collect or who is going to win this epic battle?
A:  Who wins this battle is entirely up to our players to decide.  

Q:  Am I able to collect weapons for each action hero?
A:  Yes.  This would be one way to ensure that you receive the trophy for each hero.

Q:  Is there a limit on the number of items that I collect?
A:  No, there is not a limit to the number of weapons that can be collected for either hero.

Q:  If I own five of each hero, how many trophies will I be able to collect?
A:  You will collect one trophy for each winning hero that you own, for a maximum of 5 winning trophies.

Q:  How will I know how which hero has won.
A:  This epic confrontation will rule the action for one week.  At the end, the hero who has had the most gifts sent by players will be announced as the winner.

User-added image                                                            User-added image

Q:  Collecting 50 weapons for each player for a total of 100 weapons could be really difficult?  Why is do I have to collect so many?
A:  With an epic battle of this proportion we wanted to make sure you really stood behind the hero of your choice.  By standing behind one hero you have a better chance at collecting 50 weapons for the hero of your choice, and remember that the number of gifts sent is what will decide the vote.

Q:  What happens if I have unused weapons at the end of this event?
A:  All remaining weapons that you have collected for this event will become mystery bags.

User-added image



Wednesday, April 27, 2011
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Terminator vs. Rambo

Info from The Official Mafia Wars Blog:

Terminator vs. Rambo Good vs. evil is for suckers. As any seasoned mobster knows, the real battle is bad vs. badder. Starting late this week, you get to put that to the test with Terminator vs. Rambo in the ultimate battle for badassery.
You'll get to collect cool gear and weapons for each action hero, such as Rambo's head band or the Terminator's shotgun, by sending feeds and requests to friends. Get 10 special items of either hero to complete the set and "own" the hero! You can get up to 5 sets of each hero.
The battle for the ultimate action hero will reign for a week. At the end, the hero whose special items were gifted the most will be declared the winner, and you'll retrieve a trophy for each completed set of the winning hero.
If you've always wanted to tell someone "I'll be back" or let your foes know "killing's as easy as breathing," here's your chance. May the baddest hero win!

E-mail bonus reward for Today

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

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stamina point reward

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Energy Pack Update

Monday, April 25, 2011
Energy Packs are a great gift that you can receive from your friends. These extra boosts provide you with the energy to complete more jobs, and level up at a faster pace. 

Q:  What happended to the Mini-Energy Packs?
A:  Due to the feedback from our players, the Mini-Energy Packs have been replaced.

Q:  What does the new Energy Pack do?
A:  This Energy Pack increases your maximum energy to 125% of your current maximum.

Q:  How Many Energy Packs can be used each day?
A:  You can receive up to 3 Energy Packs each day.

Q:  How long is the timer for the Energy Pack?
A:  The Energy Pack has an 8 hour timer. After you use an Energy Pack, you must wait 8 hours until you can use your next one.

Q:  What happened if I had not yet used all of my Mini Energy Packs today?
A:  Your timer will automatically be reset for the new Energy Pack. If you have any concerns, one of our agents will be happy to assist you.

Q:  Why was there such short notice about the change to the Energy Packs?
A:  Due to the response we received from the Mini-Energy packs, we felt it best to make the change quickly so that our players could continue with their regular game play.

Q:  The timer did not reset for my Energy Pack, what should I do?
A:  We are in the process of correcting this for our players.

For more information on upcoming features and exciting game announcements please visit the official Mafia Wars Blog:


Cracking The Safe 100x Times

Here are the rewards he got from all 100x times cracking the safe :
28x Bottle-nosed Dolphin (Animal 98/54)
23 x Monofin (Armor 100/60)
21x Dolphin Submarine (Vehicle 55/98)
16x Charging Bull (Animal 52/97)
12x Half Rack (Weapon 97/60)

Once you crack the safe and collect your reward it resets when you refresh the game and you can play it again! so get inviting and get some pretty decent loot!!


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Sunday, April 24, 2011
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