Atlantic City Chap1

Saturday, November 20, 2010
You can access Atlantic City from most mobile devices... and from your desktop or laptop ... by clicking Go to Atlantic City or pasting into your browser. You'll see this 

The best thing about Atlantic City is the ability to collect from properties in all 6 cities at once, rather than going city by city within Mafia Wars. Under 'Properties', you'll see a screen like this:

If a City has a green 'Collect' button under, you can click it to collect from the 'ready' properties in that City. The money and parts you collect will not go into your bank or vault, but it won't be left in your properties to be robbed either.

That may be the only redeeming feature of Atlantic City. The rest of the city is divided into two "mission", entitled Atlantic City Chapter 1 and Atlantic City Chapter 2.

Both Chapters have 6 jobs. each with Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Ruby levels. The jobs do not form a cohesive pattern, as in Italy's Regions. Rather, they have generic names like "Gun Down a Rival Outfit" and "Meet With Local Crime Lords." Having grown up in Philadelphia and spent literally hundreds of weekends in the real Atlantic City, I can assure you that there are far more colorful things going on there.

While you complete the jobs, the graphics look like this... and ONLY this:

You yellow meter tracks your progress towards completion. You earn Vegas dollars and the occasional low-level Vegas loot item - the highest being the Femme Fatale. The XP:Energy ratio is pretty low - topping out at 1.46 XP per Energy point - so Atlantic City is hardly the place to level up. You get 6% mastery each time you do a job, meaning you will need to do 102 jobs to complete Bronze level.

After you complete all 6 jobs at Bronze level, you will see some eye-popping graphics (for Atlantic City):

Then you do the same 6 jobs at Silver and Gold levels. You get one Skill Point for completing each job to 100% Mastery

Silver level gets you 5% mastery each time you do a job (total: 120 jobs), while Gold gets you 4% mastery (total: 150 jobs). And the jobs are not cheap, in terms of Energy required to do each one.

Ruby level is a complete drain on your Energy. You get 2% mastery each time you do part of the 6 jobs, which range from 54 to 171 Energy points per click - and you'll have to click on each job 50 times to complete it (total: 300 jobs). It takes 35,550 Energy to complete Ruby level alone. I'd like to see the Energy account that can quickly conquer that.

When you finish the 6 jobs at Ruby level, you receive the Automatic .22 (105A/99D). This is certainly a nice Weapon, but hardly worth the tens of thousands of Energy points used earning it.

Atlantic City - Chapter 2 offers an even nicer reward (the Bullet 44 OET, a Vehicle with 99A/116D stats). Even with my high-level OCD, I just can't see spending the better part of 100,000 Energy points to get through the 4 levels of 6 jobs just for one car.

The ability to collect from all your Properties at once - whether you're at a computer or not - is the real genius of Mafia Wars: Atlantic City.


Friday, November 5, 2010

Infiltrate the Pentagon!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010
Infiltrate the Pentagon!

This weekend we will have a new event!

Infiltrate the Pentagon! Wow, now Mafia Wars has broaden the crime to US military services!
You will see the banner and also one image on the Daily Checklist..

Halloween Loot Item Lists

Monday, November 1, 2010
Halloween Loot Item Lists
These Items can be found on jobs and fight.  so get as more as u can

Consumables list of Italy

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

 Consumables list of Italy
Notes :
* Cooked Books will master the required Job fully in Region 5. You will need additional Cooked Books to loot the Hidden Charges needed in Region 5.
* Fewer Smart Phones and Hidden Charges will be needed if you do not complete all Paths
Just remember to keep collecting these Consumables on the Bronze level and also to collect more than it should, because we still have unlocked Regions in Italy.



Just like the Consumables in Italy, do the Property jobs over and over on Bronze level until you have enough building parts..

Vegas Rare Collections - Dropping From Jobs

Tuesday, October 19, 2010
We can get Vegas Collections dropping from doing jobs.. and they are not the common ones.. we can also got the rare collections!

On the screenshot below, I am using RepeatJob Vegas tool from Spockholm.. Got 2x Planet Bollywood which is one of the RARE collection item in Vegas!

This one got 1x of the RARE Saguaro..

And one of our friend, JS, sent me the screenshot.. He spent lots of Energy and do 1200 jobs in Vegas. Let's see what he got here..

Lots of Planet Bollywood collections, Saguaro, Mountain Lion, but no Four of A Kind! (Perhaps this collection is dropping from another job?)

The conclusion is now that the drop rate of these rare collections is good.. You can find it dropping easily, specially if you have tons of Energy!

Super Pignatas Comes Back

Saturday, October 9, 2010
Super Pignatas Comes Back

Super Pignatas Comes Back

You can send it from the Free Gift section.

And since Challenge Mission - Dublin has gone, you can ignore the Pint of Stouts item (Veron still receive it from opening her Mystery Bag).

U can only accept 5 Super Pignatas in a day.. the reward items are still the same with the previous one..

Zynga Request Page(New)

Friday, October 8, 2010
 Zynga Request Page(New)

This is Very Great .
Our Time will not waste now.Just visit Zynga Message Center or Zynga Request Page by clicking on the icon beside your HELP button on the game bar..

You will be arrived here..
There are 5 tabs, you may view all the gifts or request, view Mafia invites only, view Free Gifts only, Energy packs, or Crime Spree!

 So accept all your request now.

New City For Mafia Wars Mobile

New City For Mafia Wars Mobile
There is a new city for you if you play Mafia Wars using mobile phone.
You can find the info on the banner inside our game.. Thanks to Anol and Cohen for this..

If you visit the link inside the screenshot, will take you to this site :

Link :

Leonard somehow got this screenshot and pass the info to me.. Thanks, Leonard.
Check out the ads, please..

So if you play Mafia Wars through your phone (iPhone or else), you will be able to visit a new city called Atlantic! It will use the same currency as Vegas with new unique jobs and rewards to explore...

New City Italy is coming

 New City Italy is coming
 This is Great
You can see the notification on our game, there is a "New" message above the "Travel" button.

If you click on Travel button, you will see this destination..

Click on Italy above and you will arrive on this page..

Wow, we will have new Properties to build, Boss Fights and Italy jobs to accomplished and get new loot items as well collections!
Don't you think that it's too soon to release a new city? Or it's about time?

Las Vegas !!!Free Consumables on Job

Las Vegas !!!Free Consumables on Job
Hotel Security Key Card
You will Find it at  Swipe A Security Keycard job     in  District 4
Use this at Hack The Casino Security System in  District 4 and Infiltrate A Top Secret Bunker in  District 7

Alarm Code

You will Find it at  Buy Some Black-Market Info job     in  District 3
Use this at Do Some Late Night Shopping in  District 3

 Hot Tip
You will Find it at Help A Bookie Out Of A Jam job     in  District 2
Use this at  Clean Up At A Rigged Table

Unwanted Evidence
You will Find it at  Create A Diversion job     in  District 5
Use this at Dispose Of The Evidence in  District 5

 Car Key Copy
 You will Find it at Blackmail A Car Dealer job     in  District 1
Use this at  Secure Some Wheels in  District 1

Coming Tonight - Social Missions!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010
Coming Tonight - Social Missions!
Please check the info about this new feature on Zynga forum..
For more detail and if you want to participate on the thread, please visit the thread here :

Free GodFather Points.

Monday, September 27, 2010
Las Vegas !!!!Free GodFather Points.
We have glitch to get free Reward Points! 20 Reward Points for free!
Here is the Link of Free Godfather Points for You.

How Do You?
How You enjoying Las Vegas???
So get quick before fix.

Challenge Mission : Dublin - Chapter 2!

Saturday, September 25, 2010
Challenge Mission : Dublin - Chapter 2!
As in the previous chapter you will get a loot item upon completing every job, so you are able to get 4x of this mastery item.
You will need exactly 326 Pints of Stout and 7040 energy to finish it from A to Z. Thanks for the explanation, Kareem.
Mak and Red! also sent the infos, thanks to all of you, guys..

Here are the screenshots..
First job is waiting to be done!

We will have the mastery item for each job mastered! So, once again, this is not a glitch!

All the four jobs are accomplished! So we can have four of the mastery item for this chapter..

The mastery item ie Black Irish is a very good weapon.

Atlantic City Chapter 2

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Again, the jobs have generic names, with Mastery dropping from 7% to 5% to 4% to 2% as you go from Bronze to Silver to Gold to Ruby. The XP:Stamina ratio is again brutal - 1.3 at worst, 1.6 at best.

And your only pit stops along the way, besides getting the Skill Point at the end of each job, is completing an entire level:

You still earn Vegas dollars and get Vegas items as drop loot. In Chapter 2, however, I noticed slightly better Loot dropping from jobs - the two standouts being the Goldsmobile (55D) and Range Finder Rifle (54D).

I also realized that the low XP:Energy ration isn't as much of a problem as I thought. After all, when you level up, your Energy and Stamina - even when used in the best ratio jobs and fights - cannot get you even close to the next level, especially as you get higher and higher in levels.

So instead of being 1,800 XP short of the next level and reluctantly cashing in a 6,300 Energy point pack - which drives me crazy since so much of it goes to waste, I found that Atlantic City jobs' low ratio - along with the low ratio from the tons of Missions out there - make my Energy use more efficient. I still can't level up in one shot, but I also don't leave 4,000 Energy wasted when I do level up.

Your other option is to keep doing jobs in Napoli or Hoover Dam or Area 51, trying to nail the few and far between top items there (Meadow Viper, Corpo Armatura, Ballista Missile Launcher, Bighorn, Foo Fighter). But the drop rate on ANY item is so low if you're at Ruby level in those Districts/Regions, to the point that you can spend 5,000+ Energy and get one Hopped Up Thug or one Cinghiale for your efforts.

In Atlantic City - Chapter 2, after spending some 70,000+ Energy points, you'll reach the finish line:

The Bullet 44 OET will be a standout in your Vehicle list on both Attack and Defense, and just LOOKS good:

One other neat feature about Atlantic City is your ability to upgrade your stats when you level up - you don't need to go back to Mafia Wars on Facebook to do this:

The best feature of Atlantic City is still the ability to collect from all of your Properties - in all 6 cities - while you're away from the computer.

Atlantic City: Chap 3

Monday, September 20, 2010
Atlantic City: Chapter 3, called "South Jersey".  

This seems like a well-thought out name by Zynga because Atlantic City is, after all, in the southern half of New Jersey along with over 200 other towns in the 9 counties comprising "South Jersey"... and thus makes as much sense as using "South Europe" for the title of Italy: Region 6, when it finally debuts in May 2013.

At the same time, Atlantic City: Chapter 1 was renamed "Uptown", while Chapter 2 was christened as "Boardwalk" - with the menu providing a hint that more chapters will follow.

For the most  part, the new chapter is like the previous two: click, click, click, job done, repeat.  Contrary to conventional wisdom, however, you CAN play Mafia Wars: Atlantic City on your desktop if you are bored to death like.

South Jersey/Chapter 3 featured the same layout as previous chapters: 4 levels with 6 jobs in each.  At Bronze level mastery, some jobs completed at 10% or 9% per click; by Ruby level, you get 2% or 3%.  It's a big energy drain, but what the hell else is there to do while we wait forever for the rest of Italy you'll earn 24 Skill Points for completing the chapter.

Your only checkpoints along the way are these artistic masterpieces signs indicating your completion of each of the four levels.

All kidding aside - there *is* something new and exciting about Chapter 3: actual "Atlantic City Loot" - items that do not drop anywhere else, including Las Vegas, which is the source of currency and other Atlantic City job drop Loot.  

I saw (or learned of) 3 new items dropping exclusively in Atlantic City:

Ground Hugger
Vehicle (55A/30D)

Frilled Lizard
Animal (26A/57D)

This item should be pretty valuable - other than the Bighorn (Hoover Dam, 64D), there is no collectible Animal that drops from City jobs with better Defense than the Frilled Lizard.

There are superior defensive Animals in your Italy Port...but you can't trade them. The Operations Loot Coyote (also 64D) can be traded, but is hard to come by - and certainly can't be collected at will like the Frilled Lizard. 

Armor (25/58)

The clear photo highlights my failure

I actually went through all 24 jobs and 167,388 Energy points in South Jersey without finding one of these, but read a lot about the Pick Pocket - an Armor piece with 58 Defense.  This stat made the Pick Pocket a hot item, especially since there was a day or two in which you could BUY this item (or 501 of them) to boost your defense stats if your lowest defense Armor was under 58.


The good news about Atlantic City Loot?  You can gift/trade/Wish List these items.   The Frilled Lizard should fetch a few Weapons Parts on the trading boards, though it's hard to load up on them.  Given the wealth of Amphiquads and Cooling Vests out there, an Animal with 57 Defense is more valuable than a Vehicle with 55 Attack or Armor with 58 Defense.

Atlantic City:Chapter 3 also features better Las Vegas loot dropping from jobs than in prior AC chapters.  Now you will get an occasional Range Finder Rifle and Diamondback.

Your reward for completing Ruby level mastery of South Jersey is a Big Bang (119A/100D) - a very nice Weapon.