1st Worldwide "Mafia Meetup" Day!

Saturday, March 19, 2011
Please be noticed that will be a big event coming up for Mafia Wars fan around the world!

To read the detail info, please go here : 1st Worldwide "Mafia Meetup" Day!

You can see a world map showing lots of place for the "Mafia Meetup" Day on Friday April 8th, 2011!

(I live in Batam island now, no one conduct it yet Smiley so sad)

It's your chance to meet new players in your area over coffee or drinks - share tips, plan your game strategy and grow your mafia, in-person, face to face!
And check this out :
The Top 5 Mafia Meetups with the most attendees who also send us photos, videos and/or stories from their meetup will win a special "Mafia Meetup Starter Kit" for their next meetup.
Read more here.

You can invite your mafia families who lives in the same region to meet together. Put the link of your invitation on the comment section, please.


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