Brazil Missions / Boss Fights

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Boss 1: Lieutenant Emilio Sandoval

Lieutenant Sandoval is ruthless by nature and will stop at no cost to eliminate anyone in his way. In addition, he brings a strong army of men. If you put up a good fight he is sure to fall back in defeat and release his powerful Armor Item.

Sandoval Vest (Armor, Ultimate Item)
Bronze: 70/103
Silver: 80/123
Gold: 90/133
Ruby: 100/154

Boss 2: Pablo Alvares "The Dockmaster"

Pablo seems like a harmless old boat master however his looks are deceiving. This old man is a natural killer and will surely take you down. Destroy Pablo "The Dockmaster" Avlares, destroy his boat and collect an Ultimate Weapon item that will come in handy

Pablo's Gutting Knife (Weapon, Ultimate)
Bronze: 111/82
Silver: 131/94
Gold: 151/104
Ruby: 171/115

Boss 3: Capitão Tinto

Enraged at your previous actions, Capitão will be looking to gun you down. Her powerful attack comes straight from the Amazon jungle with deadly accuracy. Be sure to attack her with a strong arsenal of attack and defense items to discover information for your next challenge. If you can successfully defeat Capitão she will hand over her Jaguar, one of her most prized possession and an extremely strong Animal.

Tinto's Jaguar (Animal, Ultimate)
Bronze: 89/126
Silver: 99/147
Gold: 109/68
Ruby: 120/189

Boss 4: Mrs. Maria Rosa

Maria Rosa always puts up a good fight and will prevent all travel in the city not allowing anyone to escape her wrath. Protect your means of transportation and if successful you can nab the keys to her fancy ride!

Rosa Luxury Helicopter: (Vehicle, Ultimate)
Bronze: 142/92
Silver: 164/102
Gold: 186/112
Ruby: 208/122

Boss 5: Lucas Sousa

sousa is loaded with tons of cash and is the primary financial backer for the Neo-Imperium. With an endless supply of cash Sousa is continuously funneling cash to keep the Neo-Imperium strong. Obsessed with achieving supreme power, Boss Sousa will spare no one and strive to take you down!

Sousa Sport: (Vehicle, Ultimate)
Bronze: 103/165
Silver: 113/187
Gold: 123/209


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