Chop Shop Sale in Mafia wars short way to build

Monday, March 21, 2011
There is new property in the Newyork called chopShop. I will tell you some Tips top get it fast

1 Buy part with your Reward points first
2 Send the Chop shop part by free gift to your freinds
3 the friends will send you back the the same parts again
4 buy only those parts that are not included in the free gift portion.

The new Chop Shop is now live in game! Here's how it works.

The original 5 Chop Shop pieces can be used to upgrade your Chop Shop to different levels (power tools, cement blocks, etc).

There are 10 total levels, with each level unlocking a new car type and the ability of your Chop Shop to produce more parts.

At any rate, it starts off costing 5 of each type of car part for each level and this number increases by 1 per level (6 to get to level 3, 7 to get to level 4, etc).

There are a large variety of car types available at the Chop Shop. Here is a list:

Level 1: Random common car - 10 car parts required

Level 2: Random rare car - 25 car parts

Level 3: Tasmanian - 36 attack, 34 defense - 30 car parts

Level 4: CM Santiago R10 - 42 attack, 30 defense - 30 car parts and 2 Cuban Car Parts (guessing these drop from fights and jobs in Cuba)

Level 5: Rebel 2 - 40 attack, 45 defense, +5 stamina (not sure if you can collect +5 stamina each time you can collect a car - need confirmation) - 45 car parts and 2 bulletproof glass.

Level 6: Russian Dazatz 45 - 18 attack, 46 defense - 50 car parts and 2 Russian Car Parts

Level 7: Solar Flare - 34 attack, 34 defense, +5 energy - 65 car parts and 1 solar panel

Level 8: Thai XS Max - 45 attack, 35 defense - 75 car parts and 2x Thai Car Parts

Level 9: Trio Napoli - 47 attack, 23 defense - 95 car parts

Level 10: Red Angel - 16 attack, 49 defense - 115 car parts


And that's it for now - more info on the unknown parts of this later tonight!


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