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Monday, March 21, 2011
Brazil fighting seems to be a big mystery among all players. Before Brazil, I already heard the strangest theories and rumors about drop rates in cities, different daytimes or depending on browser.

Now, with Brazil, this seems to be even worse!

So let me put together a few things about this 5-stamina-fighting. Of course I can also be wrong, but I always tried to reproduce things on my own.
Let me start with something Jen wrote where I disagree (sorry!) but what now spread alot under the players.

Powerattack gives less loot than normal attack, because you don't get 25x loot.
In a normal city, "powerattack" means 5 attacks in a row. All loot from these 5 attacks is listed as loot of the powerattack. Means you can get up to 5x loot, of course these are mostly different items.
In Brazil, Fighting costs 5 Stamina and gives you 5x items. Always the same items, not different.
Now, powerattack in Brazil gives you 5x the chance to win 5 items. Of course, not every fight drops items, but it's possible to get multiple items from a powerattack.

I am fighting in Brazil, but only get 1x loot instead of 5 times.
This is unfortunately true. If you attack someone on the fightlist who changed the city, you still pay 5x stamina, but get only single loot. You will see this if the player drops a different currency.
You see, I still get 5x XP, but only single loot drop. Hopefully Zynga fixes this soon, because its unfair. Meanwhile, stop attacking if you see another currency (there is a brawler option for that, too).

My Brawler is saying I get 6x loot, not 5x.
Brawler displays this wrong. You get 5x loot.
You can always check this by looking at the stat improvement you get. For example I only get a boost from FHEL4, so its easy to tell. I get +5 from TGS and +8 from the Venomous, 5x5+5x8=65.
I get both +10 from GPF and the Blades, thats 10*10+5*10=150.
You also see, the Venomous was also logged incorrectly. You can always see from the plural "s" or apostrophe at the end of the loot item, that you got 5 of them.

My loot drop rate is xxx and in NY I get yyy and in Italy zzz.
What you call loot drop rate is just one sample of a wide distributed probability function. You can be very lucky and get a fistfull of loot in the first attacks, or you can wait for FHEL4 forever. Please stop comparing your ratios if you did not do at least 100k fights in each city. For Brazil this is even more true, you'd need 500k stamina burned for a significant result.

And keep in mind, your results are not fully correct. Remember you only get loot from won fights against live targets. You can use the "Wins" number that Brawler displays, but that still includes won fights against already dead targets.
Martin made a modded version that displays the won fights against alive targets, but its only for testing and also based on an old Brawler version.

I hope everything else is clear, and I hope I did not write nonsense, as I am just guessing like everyone.
Keep in mind, if you use Brawler, use it wise with moderate settings in a single tab.


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