Brazil Crew Bonuses That Don't Work

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Most players really like the new Brazil Crew Bonuses. They are something new and exciting and the only complaint people have is the spam. I covered what each bonus is suppose to do here and how the requests work here. It appears as if two of the eight bonuses, the Lockpick and the Scout, don't really do what they say.
The Lockpick is supposed to give you twice the loot for the next 20 jobs you do. I chose to do a job that drops consumable items at about a rate of 100%. You can see here that my Lockpick is active and I only got one Satchel Charge per job. I also tried other jobs and didn't get any loot to drop at all. I'm not sure what they mean by twice the loot here but I initially assumed you would get two loot items during a drop instead of one. It not uncommon to get zero loot items after doing 20 jobs and it really sucks when this happens while the Lockpick is active. So far I give this bonus a big FAIL.
The Scout is suppose to tell you which properties on a robbing board contain the elusive Precious Goods Collection items. When my Scout was active, I could see the little Scout symbol on certain properties but I surely didn't get a collection item. I'm hoping as more players have the items available to rob that this bonus will work but for now this is nothing but false advertising.
The Guardian is a bonus that is hard to prove if it works or not. My Guardian is active for 18 hours but my Player Updates only go back 2 hours and 15 minutes! Maybe it's time four our Player Updates to go back further so we can feel satisfied that our properties were protected.


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