Fwd: Brazilian Smuggling Event loots

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Bronze – 4 gifts
Silver – 8 gifts
Gold – 16 gifts
(Total required = 28 per Brazilian Smuggling gift type)
Players who reach the Gold Mastery for each level of the Brazilian Smuggling event will achieve the Grand Prize of the Logging Truck. The Grand Prize will only be awarded once the Gold Mastery for all three Brazilian Smuggling gifts has been achieved. Players will have the opportunity to repeat the event after achieving Gold Mastery for all three items. After you have achieved the Grand Prize the Brazilian Smuggling gift event will reset from the begging so that you can earn duplicate mastery items. This event can be repeated 2 additional times to earn a maximum of 3 mastery reward items.

Endangered Animals Mastery Item: Amazon Jaguar
Bronze Mastery Animal 69/45
Silver Mastery Animal 75/47
Gold Mastery Animal 80/53

Contraband Mastery Item: Brazilian Guerillas
Bronze Mastery Armor 48/72
Silver Mastery Armor 52/78
Gold Mastery Armor 50/83

Weapons Cache Mastery Item: SAM Launcher
Bronze Mastery Weapon 51/74
Silver Mastery Weapon 55/79
Gold Mastery Weapons 59/85
Grand Prize: Logging Truck 108/143


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