Take Back The Street - WALK THROUGH

Friday, April 1, 2011
Take Back The Street is the new limited mission, where you only have 8 days to complete a certain amount of missions..

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Part 1:
Origin Story
You have to get support from your mafia, rob and build a armor.
Reward for completing Part 1 of the mission - 2 Yellow Sea Snakes.

Part 2:
You will have to fight the boss, fight 25 opponents in Bangkok and declare war twice..

Part 3:
Greed is Great
Get support from 7 of your mafias, rob 12 times in New York and kill the boss.
Reward for completing Part 3 of the mission - 3 Steel Plate Jackets.

Part 4:
Town Painted Red
Rob 10 times in Las Vegas, ask for 5 backpacks from your mafia and collect from your Poker Room in Las Vegas once.
Reward for completing Part 4 of the mission - 1 Embargo Net. (It is also a Grand Prize for the Crisis in Cuba limited time mission)

Part 5:
Battle: Las Vegas
Finish off the boss, ice 5 opponents in Las Vegas and declare war once..
Part 6: [FINAL]
Blood and Wine

Rob 13 times in Italy, collect from your Auto Boutique property and kill the boss.
Reward for completing Part 6 of the mission - 1 Hawkeye Classic.
Lastly, this is the screen you will get after completing the mission -


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