Energy Pack Update

Monday, April 25, 2011
Energy Packs are a great gift that you can receive from your friends. These extra boosts provide you with the energy to complete more jobs, and level up at a faster pace. 

Q:  What happended to the Mini-Energy Packs?
A:  Due to the feedback from our players, the Mini-Energy Packs have been replaced.

Q:  What does the new Energy Pack do?
A:  This Energy Pack increases your maximum energy to 125% of your current maximum.

Q:  How Many Energy Packs can be used each day?
A:  You can receive up to 3 Energy Packs each day.

Q:  How long is the timer for the Energy Pack?
A:  The Energy Pack has an 8 hour timer. After you use an Energy Pack, you must wait 8 hours until you can use your next one.

Q:  What happened if I had not yet used all of my Mini Energy Packs today?
A:  Your timer will automatically be reset for the new Energy Pack. If you have any concerns, one of our agents will be happy to assist you.

Q:  Why was there such short notice about the change to the Energy Packs?
A:  Due to the response we received from the Mini-Energy packs, we felt it best to make the change quickly so that our players could continue with their regular game play.

Q:  The timer did not reset for my Energy Pack, what should I do?
A:  We are in the process of correcting this for our players.

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