Against All Odds Mission Event FAQ

Thursday, April 21, 2011
Against All Odds Mission Event FAQ

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The Neo-Imperium is at again, and this time they are trying to shake up your racket in Vegas.  But don't worry, this city can still be yours by taking action.

Q:  This event seems very similar to the ones that preceeded the closing of other cities.  Is Vegas closing?
A:  No, Vegas will NOT lockdown at the end of this event.

Q:  How many missions are there?
A:  There are 6 parts that must be completed.

Q:   Is there a time limit to this quest?
A:  Yes, there is a time limit on this quest.  A countdown clock will keep you on track.

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Q:  What will I need to do to complete this mission?
A:  There are multiple features that you will need to complete in order to complet this mission, including icing, robbing, fighting, and building items.

Q:  What are the different levels I will need to complete?
A:  There are six parts and each will offer different rewards?

1.  Fickle Lady Luck
2.  Make Them Squeal
3.  Serendipity
4.  Process of Elimination
5.  Backlash


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