Double the Loot, Triple the Mastery

Thursday, April 21, 2011
Info from The Official Mafia Wars Blog:

We have a confession to make! In a fit of passion, we accidentally enabled triple mastery for jobs in Italy when it was only supposed to apply to jobs in Las Vegas. Mea culpa. Normally we would correct a mistake as soon as we possibly could, but we noticed how much you were enjoying this one, so we are going to leave Italian triple mastery enabled for another 24 hours before correcting our error. So point your private jets at Italy and master those jobs three times faster than normal while you still can!
While the Italian triple mastery accident will be corrected shortly, Las Vegas will continue to have triple mastery until mid next week, so consider Italy an enjoyable day trip on your way to a week of triple mastery in luxurious Las Vegas!
But wait, there's more! Double fight loot will be dropping this weekend, brought to you by your friendly neighborhood Player Advisory Committee! What?!? Yep, another reason to get excited! Enjoy!


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