Gifting Events and Energy Packs

Tuesday, April 19, 2011
This was posted in the official mafia wars blog.
We at Mafia Wars are committed to making all aspects of your gaming experience more enjoyable and have two exciting developments to announce:
One thing we are working to improve, based on your feedback, is the gift event experience, specifically the amount of time it takes to complete these events. We are excited to announce that the next gifting event will require fewer gifts to be sent and received, while continuing to carry the same type of reward for completion. We hope that reducing the gifting in this event will allow you to spend more time in the game itself, leveling up, icing your enemies, and generally enjoying the dangerous streets in the exciting cities of Mafia Wars.
Mafia Wars is also excited to announce that your feedback has inspired us to replace the Mini 6 Energy Pack with a full Energy Pack sporting the following features:
  • 125% refill
  • 8 hour refresh
  • Use up to 3 per day!
With more energy than you'd get from shotgunning 7 of your favorite energy drinks, you can enhance your strategy, complete more jobs, and level up faster than your enemies, so go out and put these new Energy Packs to work!
We appreciate your patience and feedback while we work to find the right balance to the Mafia Wars experience.


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