Thrill of the Hunt Mission Walk-through

Monday, May 2, 2011

A little different mission this time around cycling you through New York, Italy and Brazil.  When it was first launched, there was 9 days to complete this mission, so most should already have a good start on this one.  There are 9 parts to this mission so it's a little bit harder than the previous couple.  Without further ado:
No White Knights

Get support from your mafia (6x) (Free Gift Requests)
Build 2 Armors
Job: Wiretap the Cops (10x)

Plug The Leaks
Fight 24 opponents in New York
Ice 3 opponents in New York

Ferret Them Out
Ask for 5 Hot Tips from your mafia.
Rob 15 times in New York
Loot 8 Computer Set-Ups (Rob an Electronics Store)

Win 15 fights in Las Vegas
Take out 7 Witness Bodyguards (Requires 10 Stamina)
Job: Create A Distraction On The Floor (20x)
Build 1 Vehicle

Moving Target
Collect from your Winery 2 times
Loot 12 Alarm Codes from job (Buy Some Black-Market Info)
Take out 9 Witness Bodyguards (Requires 10 Stamina)

Last But Not Least

Get support from your mafia (8x). (Free Gift Requests)
Clear 1 robbing board

Civil Upset

Win 18 fights in Italy
Loot 10 Motor Oils from fights
Job: Show A Business Owner Who's In Charge (12x) (Napoli)

The Hard Way

Buy 2 Items From Port
Loot 13 Gas Cans (Job: Recruit Some Local Muscle or Set Up Your Operation in a Renovated Skyscraper)
Ice 7 opponents in Italy

Judge and Jury
Get support from your mafia (7x) (Free Gift Requests)
Collect from your Tenement 1 time
Loot 12 Sets of Blackmail Photos from robbing
Job: Burn Down a Tenement (15x)


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