Roughhouse Rafael

Sunday, May 8, 2011

New Boss Fight Defeat Roughhouse Rafael The Boss Fight you know and love has been upgraded! This is the first of a number of exciting fighting features coming to Mafia Wars this quarter! In this Boss Fight, you'll be tasked with taking out Roughhouse Rafael, and you're given one week to do it!

A full week of fighting?... Sounds like only those with high stamina will survive. On the contrary, stamina has nothing to do with this fight! Instead, you will need to collect 4 new ammos from jobs, wars, robbing, and, should you choose, gifting to bring down Roughhouse.

As for the new ammos, our informants tell us that it would be unwise to assume that any one of them is the best and use it the whole time. Apparently, the ammos, when used in certain sequences, unlock particularly damaging combos!  You will have the opportunity to discover one such combo by completing a Quest Event that will run during the Boss Fight. You will have to discover other combos on your own or via your friends' feeds if they beat you to the punch.

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