Reporting abusive behavior and offensive names

Wednesday, May 4, 2011
If after reading this article, you would like to file a report with Mafia Wars, please file an email ticket.

Q: What is 'Report Abusive Behavior'?
A: Abusive behavior that Customer Support agents have the authority to change are offensive names (names that include profanity or any obscene, indecent, pornographic, sexual or otherwise objectionable content or language).  Customer Support will evaluate accounts reported for this and change names to a default name when deemed necessary.

Q: What about other forms of abusive behavior?
A: Many reports currently involve actions or communication outside of Mafia Wars. As such, those reports are outside of our jurisdiction to act upon.

Q: What is considered in-game abuse or harassment?
A: Mafia Wars has player versus player game play. As part of the game, players can fight each other in the game.
If a player is detected using automated means of attacking to prevent other players from using the attack function themselves, we reserve the right to remove the fighting and gifting functionality from the attacker.
We understand that the fighting scenarios have many complicated factors. A defending player's total health, an attacking player's stamina, and clan wars are all factors that make it difficult to set strict numerical limits on what is permissible. As such, Customer Support agents cannot intervene as moderators of in-game combat between players. Our developers are also continually working on ways to improve the coding to ensure that combat is restricted to human actions, instead of automated game-play.

Q: I have been attacked 25/50/100/500 times!  I have been iced/killed 5/10/50 times!  What can I do?  What can Customer Support do?
A:  There are no rules or restrictions to the number of times players can attack each other per hour, day, or week.  If your defense strength and health are relatively high compared to an attacker's attack strength, health, and stamina, the attacker might have to attack you many times in order to ice you. There are also no limits as to the numbers of times players can ice/kill each other per hour, day, or week.  Customer Support agents in chat are not authorized to act on any accounts reported.

Q: What are you going to do about cheaters?
A: We have multiple processes in place to address players attempting to cheat.  Due to privacy and security reasons, Customer Support is not authorized, or obligated, to report to the informants what actions the security team has taken.  The security team has strict standards for comprehensive data analysis and for the actions taken against accounts determined to be abnormal.  Rest assured, action is taken on many accounts on a regular basis and can involve measures such as stat adjustment, item removal, and/or partial or full suspension of playing privileges.  Many actions are not outwardly visible to other players, and in many cases, players that resort to abnormal gameplay and are caught, do not want to admit to other players that they were caught and adjusted.  Insisting that Customer Support 'do something' about reported accounts will not result in immediate action.

Q: What if I am being harassed on my social network?
A: Harassing communication should be reported to the appropriate customer support site for that social network as they will be able to confirm communications sent through their platform.


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