Secret Stash 411 & FAQ

Thursday, May 5, 2011
The Secret Stash just got a new identity and it's better than ever! Locating the hidden stash takes fast thinking and faster action! Each time that you trigger a Secret Stash you will be presented with three choices of finding a stash, and now 3 of your friends can help. You can choose the difficulty of the stash that you want to find, and you can increase your chances by adding your friends help to the stash level of your choice. You can place all three friends on the same level or spread them across the choices to increase your chance, but act fast because 15 seconds goes by quickly!

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Q: When will the new Secret Stash be available?
A: This feature will be released on 05/04/11. As with all of our new feature releases this will be slowly rolled out to our players to ensure stability within the game. (All players may not have initial access to this feature release.)

Q: How does it work?
A: Once you have triggered the Secret Stash you will have 15 seconds to assign one of your friends to one of three choices of stash items.

Q: Where can I check the status of my Secret Stash?
A: You can check the status of your Secret Stash by clicking the Operations tab, then clicking the Secret Stash tab.

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Q: How many times will I be able to collect a Secret Stash?
A: You can only have one Secret Stash per day.

Q: Where will I find a Secret Stash?
A: A Secret Stash can appear from doing jobs, fighting, or by robbing!

Q: What happnes if I click on more that one Secret Stash in a day?
A: Since you can only start 1 new Secret Stash each day you will receive an error that states "Sorry, you have already found a secret stash today."

Q: When will the timer reset?
A: The timer will reset at midnight local time each day.

Q: What if I don't want to have the Secret Stash trigger?
A: You will have the option to disable this feature under the account settings tab. Remember, you can only change these settings once per day.

Q: How long will it take to complete the Secret Stash?
A: The completion timer is based upon the value of the item and can vary from 24 to 48 hours.

Q: Can I share this find with my friends?
A: Yes! If they click on the post from your news feed they will receive experience points and have a chance of finding their own secret stash as well.

Q: What types of loot can I find in the Secret Stash?
A: Each timet that you trigger a Secret Stash you will be presented with a choice of three Limited Edition items. Each one will be listed as either Easy, Medium, or Hard. Of course, the harder it is to find, the better the item will be!

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Q: Are my chances of finding loot increased by placing a friend under that item?
A: Yes they are! By placing a friend under the desired item, you will increase the chance of finding that item. The display will show you how much the drop rate percentage has been increased.

Q: Are my friends required to help me find the Secret Stash?
A: Yes. Each level of difficulty for finding the Secret Stash requires additional help from your friends
  • Easy - 3 helpers
  • Medium - 6 helpers
  • Hard - 12 helpers
Q: How will my friends know to help me out?
A: You will be able to publis each stach that you find to your feed. Once published, your friends will hav ethe opportunity to help your out.

Q: What happens once I have found the Secret Stash?
A: After you have found the Secret Stash you can share the find with your friends be clicking the 'Tell Friends' button.

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Q: What will happen if I don't find the Secret Stash?
A: If you are not successful in your quest for the stash you will receive a mssage inviting you back tomorrow to try again.

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