Mafia Wars New Challenge Mission : London (Coming Soon)

Thursday, May 27, 2010
Mafia Wars New Challenge Mission : London (Coming Soon)
Don’t like the previous Challenge Mission .  I hate to buy the maps from the Marketplace..

Now I have to use a strategy to play the next Challenge Mission otherwise I will miss another achievement as well the mastery items from each chapter from the mission!
We will have 3 weeks for completing the mission!


jerry said...

but , how it work ? i have maps and have add 7 new members , but i cant start play in london , why is it so ?

Don Donald said...

Not sure if London will be worth doing...looking back at Paris, I got halfway thru the last job on the last level, and considering all the energy I spent there vs what I got....better off doing jobs in bangkok and moscow (already finished ny and cuba)!

jerry said...

yes , it was the same for me. dident get the last item in paris. :( I have only bangkok left. ill give it a go (i think) lolz
and i did get it , hehe , have a bad hangover.
its starts in about 5 days

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