Glitch!!!Unlimited Crime Spree Gifts !!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Glitch!!!Unlimited Crime Spree Gifts !!!
Sorry for late posting!
Here is the link of Unlimited Free Gift for you.

Go to tho page .
the more you refresh the page the more you get gift .
so do not late.Get before being fixed.


zziizzoo89 said...

It Just Open My Gifts...Not Giving Me More Than What I've 2 Open...!!!

mafiahaven said...

doesnt work, just opens up the gift's you have.

bigsirus said...

a day late and a dollar short..The link stopped working last night at 7:00 pm..grab a mitt and get in the game!

markycutey said...

i sometimes find this site very useful, but at most very useless

bryan said...

same as I have
and they do not fix it
each day I get it without asking for help to my friends

Viet Cuong said...

i can't do it
Maybe, it fixed

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