London Challenge Mission

Friday, May 28, 2010
 London Challenge Mission

 Mafia Wars Challenge Mission: London is now available. Players can start collecting passports in game. These will be an allegory to the Parisian Maps of Challenge Mission: Paris.

In other words, you will need a lot of these maps to use for the job.

The end-goal of this mission is to steal one of the Crown Jewels. There will be 3 chapters with a few jobs in each chapter that you can master and you will have to spend a lot of British Passports to get all the jobs done.

Each time you unlock a new chapter, you will be able to get a bunch of free British Passports just by adding a new person to your mafia. When you unlock Chapter 1, add two people for 60 free passports, 80 for Chapter 2, and 100 for Chapter 3.

If the British Passport requirements for the Challenge Mission: London jobs are similar to the costs of Paris, these maps will provide you with 1/3 of the maps you will need to complete the entire thing.

This is a good thing, because if you are like me you want to spend your energy on the new Bangkok jobs, not on low-paying NY jobs to collect passports.

Note that the rewards are shown in the picture above. For finishing off Chapter 1, you will get the Blockade Auto Shotgun (58 attack, 45 defense; weapon). For Chapter 2, you will get the FSB Agent (42 attack, 76 defense; armor). For Chapter 3, you will get the Nightowl Helicopter (107 attack, 55 defense; vehicle), which is quite nice. A high-powered vehicle like that will go a long way in robbing.

After adding your mafia member, you get to the starting screen of Mafia Wars Challenge Mission: London.

You can start collecting 12 maps every 24 hours now - might as well get an early start! There are just under 6 days left before Challenge Mission: London is unlocked - might as well stock up on free maps in the meantime!


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tom arman said...

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ginniedee said...

I cant get the maps in London! Every time i go to London to collect, the timer resets to 24hrs and it won't give me them! Why?

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