How to get the British Passport?

Monday, May 31, 2010
How to get the British Passport?

  1. Go travel to London and collect your passports every 24 hours. You will have a chance to collect 12 passports.
  2. British Passports can drop from any job, fighting and robbing.
  3. Fill up your crew to help you in London! You can gain British Passports as a one time bonus by adding more mafia members.


Lesilhouette said...

Actually it's every 23,5 hours you can collect!

Ross Phazor said...

"How to get the British Passport?"
Are you asking or telling? lol

Thought there was going to be some new info on how to get the passports...but it was just the obvious ways we've been getting British passports for the past few weeks already...

Wish they would give us useful and relevant info and not old info that's pretty easy to figure out on your won when you play Mafia Wars... ho-hum :/

Stephen J Parkin said...

I agree if this information is a week late it is no good!

Susan said...

you can get them in Bangkok # 7 I think then when you recevie them then you keep collecting in london but u keep collectin in Bangkok lots there...

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