Mafia Wars : Public Enemies Loot Event!

Friday, December 4, 2009
Mafia Wars : Public Enemies Loot Event!

New Event of Mafia Wars is coming Mafia Wars : Public Enemies Loot Event!
The available loot items are on the picture.
Get Ready for the Event. All the updates will publish soon.


AdNoe SayS said...

good....but what about attack n defense??

Mallikarjun Reddy.R said...

Dillinger's Pistols And Holster

36 Attack
18 Defense

Fur Coat

12 Attack
28 Defense

6 Attack
30 Defense


13 Attack
26 Defense

Shamira said...

I collected all eight

Sam said...

I cant find the last item :-(

Sam said...

Got them all :-)

maquisleader said...

6 of 8

locket 10 attack/36 defense
prison stripes 15 attack/14 defense

Sassy Laurie said...

got em all

Guido said...

Please add me...14% as top bagman

vserendip5 said...

The word is that if you do the first NY job at 1 energy point over and over you will get all loot items everytime. No idea how many it takes or of its true.

apa_aja said...

add me all guys please....

victor hugo said...

Agent Purvis' Rifle
44 Attack 29 Defense

Indyboo said...

Late as usual. These blogs always come 1-2 days after Zynga has already announced the events to everyone. Why do we want to read it twice?

fuki44 said...

7/8 great button man

greedieMoon said...

would be nice items if Zynga would undo that dumb update that messed the game up again.

tjioe said...

help me please

Theresa said...

got em all!

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