Holiday Sale event !!

Friday, December 25, 2009
  Holiday Sale event!!

I think this is buying this items is valueless because this will bring a little attack and defense point.
so do not waste your Godfather point,  rather you can utilize it  buying skill point.



suresh3r said...

No, i don't think so... bcoz some items very usefull (like... dog tag, Jaguar...

makemeaspark said...

I have heard that theory also, but i don't understand, you can only buy 4 skill points and they do not seem to make that big a difference either.

It seems like adding skill points OR adding high value weapons only raise your total value a few points at a time.

Riku2k3 said...

To each his own. But I have been beaten by someone with a high defense when my Mafia Attack was higher than their Mafia Defense. So spending skill points on your attack and defense does make you a stronger player.

Oediv47 said...

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Shawn said...

I think the GP is better spent taking energy refills to do jobs that drop high end loot. That one good item does very little for your attack/defense power but a full energy refill can get you at least 5 good items.

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