Executive Overcoat in Mafia Wars

Friday, December 11, 2009
       Executive Overcoat in Mafia Wars

One Of The Best Armors in Mafia wars.
You will find "Acquire Classified Files On Crime Syndicates" job (both sides) in Episode 6 in Moscow.

Add to whislist: click on the link:
Add item to Your wishlist by clicking it. It will load Mafia Wars inventory page. Make sure that You have free space in Your wishlist & you are in moscow.


Ian said...

alright, I have a question. I have not moved to Moscow yet because I didn't want to choose a side and risk losing half of my mafia. Can anyone shed any more light on this subject? I assume the same thing is going to happen in Bangkok as well.

mihir said...

u dnt lose any mafia by choosing a side...dun wrry ...
da two sides mafiya n vory - in moscow ... both ve der advantages n disadvantages....choose any 1 ....play da game n discover it urself... ders a diff fun in it instead of askin n performin actions .... m abt to complete moscow now m on da last level.....n trust me moscow is da lenghtiest city....

chin said...

dont worry which side you choose all about weapon only because both side had a own top weapon and your member wont lost just choose wise because you cant get it back from fight so far

Sylvia said...

What I did was each round I chose the other one, so I did Mafiya first then I did Vory on round 2 in the same level. But I did hear that level 4 had the best weapons for Vory so I stuck with Vory through all three rounds on level 4.

Aldo Fiery said...

why invalid ?

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