Viva Las Vegas!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010
Viva Las Vegas!
Your journey to Las Vegas is looming on the horizon,
and you'll be extremely excited to hear some exciting
news about Mafia Wars' newest city! Fighting and battle
take the center stage in Sin City, as fighting becomes
integral to conquering your enemies and completing
your ultimate goal as the lord of the Vegas Underworld.
Begin arming yourself and your Mafia with the best weapons,
armor, vehicles and animals, as you'll need every advantage to
defeat your opponents.

This visit to the desert is a feast for the eyes - you'll be
able construct your own casino, and then upgrade it so
that it will be a shining 5-star resort. Each mission will
have its own full-color piece of art to help narrate the
exciting storyline. Every decision you make will have
greater impact, so be careful of what path you choose
to take your criminal empire.

Destiny awaits. This time, what happens in Vegas
definitely won't stay in Vegas.


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