Las Vegas Properties

Wednesday, July 7, 2010
 Las Vegas Properties
 This Zynga news for you.
We are hard at work on getting our new city, Las Vegas,
ready for everyone.In the meantime, we thought you
might enjoy a glimpse at our creative process, and how
things in the game go from ideas and concepts to the amazing
artwork you see in the final game. We have a top notch art team
here at Mafia Wars, who strive to bring all of the designers' ideas to light.

Here is an example of that creative process at work: this is
what the "property" page for Vegas will look like. Each
of the separate components of your hotel / casino complex
can be upgraded individually, and look bigger and better
as you upgrade them. In a future update we will show you
some of the details about each individual property, but for
now enjoy the finished work.


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