20 Free Reward Points

Thursday, July 15, 2010
Got 20 Free Reward Points
This is the letter from Zynga to me.
We've repaired your account!
Good News!
We have recently repaired a bug that may of been preventing you from advancing bangkok. This bug may of made it seem like you had completed episodes without having to do the jobs. We are going to let you keep any Episode Mastery items you may of been awarded, but we will now let you finish Bangkok on your own (and earn the skill points for mastering jobs!)

We are very sorry for any inconvenience this may of caused, and to help make it up to you we have credited your account with:
20 Reward Points!

Xiamen Tiger
Xiamen Tiger
Banded Krait
Banded Krait
You can find these two items in the Bangkok Faction Store.
Anyone Got this????


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