Welcome To Paris!!!

Saturday, April 24, 2010
Welcome To Paris!!!
You can see from the Travel button below that we have new city to explore : Paris! But it is only for a limited time.
You can go there first by clicking on the Travel button above or see if you have this promotion link on your game screen

Then You will arrive on this page with   message..
Click on Continue button to start it!

Apparently, no matter how many mafia family you have, the game require you to have one more mafia to start the mission! So you have 3 choices now : Add more crew (by inviting at least one of FaceBook friend to become your mafia family), Skip this feature and continue playing another feature, or you can spend 20 Reward Points to buy 10 hired guns aka 10 mafia family.

Collect 5 Maps. Then You have to wait for 2 days!


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