Glitch!!!Free Item From Chop Shop Or Weapons Depot!

Thursday, April 22, 2010
Glitch!!!Free Item From Chop Shop Or Weapons Depot!

This is Great.
The news from one High Level mafia.

If you want to get that item above, just copy-paste the link on your browser.. Don't forget to change the XXXXXXXXXX with your own user ID!
And share the link to your beloved mafias! Ask them to click on the link so you can get free item from them!
Try Before being Fixed.




Babbette said...

When is this chop shop and weapon depot ever going to be completed? It is taking forever.

adam said...

doesn't work gives you this : You cannot gift this item to yourself.

Gil said...

same here. it said that you cannon gift this item to yourself.

thurman said...

why don't these offers ever work? No matter how quich you respond!

Bob said...

Says I have received all the help I can get for today

Tiffany said...

i dont see anything

Tiffany said...

no longer work :D

Lesilhouette said...

'Posting Mafia Wars feeds is temporarily disabled. We appreciate your patience!'

This sucks! Doesn't work I guess..!

eYes Wh@cK said...

ALEX DE RON and EVERYONE at the 5000 member group of boneheads are all FOS! Always have been, always will be. Just look back at the OLD posts. 98% FAILURE RATE!

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