Get alert about Mafia Wars

Wednesday, April 14, 2010
Get alert about Mafia Wars
This message from zynga for you.

Greetings Mafia Wars Players,

The Mafia Wars franchise continues to grow in popularity on several social network sites. Due to the sheer number of people playing monthly we are on high alert for external programs that access our servers in an effort to change or enhance normal game play.

These programs, modifiers, bots, cheats, hacks, etc. are a violation to Zynga’s Terms of Service, see Usage Rules.

Accounts detected of having abnormal stats, economic gain, fraudulent activity or other suspicious content may be flagged and investigated by our team. During investigation efforts, any items, skill points, experience, or in game currency that are obtained through abnormal game play will be removed or the account can be reset, and further action can be taken against the account.

If you experience any trouble with your Mafia Wars account and need assistance please contact our Customer Support team.

Our desire is that everyone that plays Mafia Wars have an enjoyable experience and we thank you for your continued support in keeping our game free of programs like this.

Thank you,
The Mafia Wars Team


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