Vegas Rare Collections - Dropping From Jobs

Tuesday, October 19, 2010
We can get Vegas Collections dropping from doing jobs.. and they are not the common ones.. we can also got the rare collections!

On the screenshot below, I am using RepeatJob Vegas tool from Spockholm.. Got 2x Planet Bollywood which is one of the RARE collection item in Vegas!

This one got 1x of the RARE Saguaro..

And one of our friend, JS, sent me the screenshot.. He spent lots of Energy and do 1200 jobs in Vegas. Let's see what he got here..

Lots of Planet Bollywood collections, Saguaro, Mountain Lion, but no Four of A Kind! (Perhaps this collection is dropping from another job?)

The conclusion is now that the drop rate of these rare collections is good.. You can find it dropping easily, specially if you have tons of Energy!


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