Las Vegas !!!Free Consumables on Job

Friday, October 8, 2010
Las Vegas !!!Free Consumables on Job
Hotel Security Key Card
You will Find it at  Swipe A Security Keycard job     in  District 4
Use this at Hack The Casino Security System in  District 4 and Infiltrate A Top Secret Bunker in  District 7

Alarm Code

You will Find it at  Buy Some Black-Market Info job     in  District 3
Use this at Do Some Late Night Shopping in  District 3

 Hot Tip
You will Find it at Help A Bookie Out Of A Jam job     in  District 2
Use this at  Clean Up At A Rigged Table

Unwanted Evidence
You will Find it at  Create A Diversion job     in  District 5
Use this at Dispose Of The Evidence in  District 5

 Car Key Copy
 You will Find it at Blackmail A Car Dealer job     in  District 1
Use this at  Secure Some Wheels in  District 1


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