Roma Boss: Don Antonio Di Rossi

Saturday, August 28, 2010
Roma Boss: Don Antonio Di Rossi

Each Italy Region ends with a Boss Fight, which gets harder as you go from Bronze to Silver to Gold to Ruby levels. In Roma, the boss is Don Antionio Di Rossi

In Roma-Bronze, Boss DiRossa/DiRossi (his name changes from one screen to the next) has 300 heath, and is aided by two henchmen.

This fight took four attacks and no consumables. The henchmen each died with one attack, and the Boss was down in two.

The Boss Fight loot item in ROMA is DiRossi's Shotgun, a Weapon with respectable 75/51 stats at Bronze Level.

Di Rossi's health, and the Shotgun's stats, each increase on successive levels in ROMA. But all four Boss Fights are relatively easy:

ROMA - Gold Level

ROMA - Ruby Level


Severed Pinkies and Volcanic Bricks: On Roma-Silver level, you can still get complete the jobs to get Volcanic Bricks for 5 Energy points, and the Severed Pinky for 19. When you get to Silver, it may well be worth stocking up on hundreds of Volcanic Bricks (so you can max out your Villa) and thousands of Severed Pinkies (you'll need them in all four levels of Palermo).

Fortunately, on Roma's Silver Level you can do the jobs in any order. (This is true in all 5 Regions, and presumably on Gold and Ruby as well).


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