Beat The Feds !!

Sunday, August 15, 2010
Beat The Feds !!
Thats Great !!
New event!!
There is 3 level .
Every  Level u have to finish 4 Boss fight.
First level is very easy only needs 2 stamina for each attack.

2nd level is not easy  needs 5 stamina for each attack.
3rd level is hard  needs 8 stamina for each attack.
and completing each fight u will get
  • 1 special Loot
  • 1skill point
and completing 1 level u will get 1 special mastery loot.
U can ask ur friend to help ur boss fight.

Remember Not forget to help ur Friend  because every fight the mastery item u can gain only by helping.

One of my Friend got These Items from the Fight.

Zynga says
Boss Fights
  • Each bronze boss drops a powerful item, and defeating silver and gold bosses will improve the power of these items. Defeat all 4 bosses to win the ultimate prize!
  • Higher level bosses get tough, so make sure to ask friends for help.
  • There is a time limit on each boss - if you do not take them down within that period you'll have to start over. The boss will not regenerate health if you run away or your health goes down to '0'.
  • Use your items strategically to help you win the boss fights. Boss fight items drop from doing jobs in New York and Vegas.
  • Friends who help take down a boss will also be able to share in the boss fight rewards.
Boss fights are a special type of fight in which you spend stamina and use special consumable items to take down a boss. Win by reducing the boss' health to '0', but keep in mind that there is a time limit on each boss; if you don't win within that period, you'll have to start over again. Each round you can launch an attack against the boss, and you can use consumable items (health kit, shiv, stun gun). You can bring up to 10 of each consumable item to a fight - hover over an item to see what it does, click an item to select it, and click 'Use it' to use the selected item on the boss. You can loot these consumable items in New York and Vegas jobs.
To help you win, you can ask for help from your friends and post a feed asking your mafia to assist you in the boss fight. Any mafia member who clicks on this feed can then attack the boss and help you win!
With each boss you take down you will receive a special reward (the top 5 damage dealing helpers will also receive this award!). Each bronze boss drops a powerful item, and defeating silver and gold bosses will improve the power of these items. If you defeat each of the 4 bosses before the event ends you will also receive a special mastery item to help you out in Vegas (the power of this item will improve if you take down all 4 silver or gold level bosses).

Need Extra Stamina !!!
Just Response ur Friend`s Crime spree request and get 200 stamina per day.(40 stamina per request) 


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