Get Additional Bangkok Mastery Items

Friday, March 5, 2010
Get Additional Bangkok Mastery Items
Sweet Glitch.........................................
LTSF - Gain Additional Bangkok Mastery Items

This procedure has provided additional Bangkok Mastery Items.

The Bangkok Ep must be fully mastered (lvl 4 completed) for this to work.

1. Goto Bangkok > Jobs > Commandant Ep 4.
2. Travel to NY > Jobs > Enforcer (Tier 4). Do one job (does not seem to matter which job - so
pick a low energy one).

When the repeat job window has opened at the top of the job list - rapid click multiple times 'Do This Job
Again!'. Between 10-20 times seems to work well.

3. Before the Zynga server finishes processing the rapid click jobs - Click Travel > Bangkok.
Ideally the Zynga servers will process the NY jobs while you are in Bangkok - resulting in the chance
for you to get a Bangkok Mastery Item.

Some get the extra Mastery Item when they travel back to BK. Some travel to BK and a NY 'Do This Job
Again!' screen comes up - in which case they get the item when they do the job again immediately.

There have been reports that this works with BK Ep 1/NY Tier 1, 2/2 and 3/3 as well.

This procedure does not work every time. Your results may differ.

This is simply copy-paste from the forum.. all credit goes to the admin (Dookie) and the original LTSF source.

Source : Top Mafia Forum!


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