Mafia Wars Moscow Loot item List :Episodes 5

Tuesday, January 19, 2010
Mafia Wars Moscow  Loot item List :Episodes 5

Klyk-9 Machine Pistol:
(Exclusively for Mafiya )
Find at  "Kill a Lookout" job
43 attack, 18 defense

Ubijca Assault Rifle:
43 attack, 18 defense -
   (Exclusively for Vory)
Find at  "Help "Plan" The Next Attack" job
Arkticheskij Gus':
22 attack, 42 defense - 
Find at  "Discover Who Was Responsible" job 
 (Both For Mafyia  &Vory)

Osa 17 Snowmobile: 
38 attack, 24 defense -
Find at"Look for the Boss' Mountain Hideout" job  
(Both For Mafyia  &Vory)

So try to get all.


roodie said...

hey can u tell me where can we get cannon????

BIBIN said...

it is done but dont hav much ubijica assault rifle

TOMAS said...

cannon u can get in el casique jobs (cuba last episode) but is rare... also all this moscow loot is rare :/

Dizzy said...

Dude, did you just start playing today? I've been done with Moscow for 2 months. Please stop sending me this stupid crap, its outdated and frankly...useless.

stella said...

drop dead dizzy,this is helpful to alot of us

Nancy said...

Wow -I notice you get alot of crap from have the patience of an angel! Keep up the good work, I'm watching, reading and listening. Tx.

"Henry arifin said...

@Robert must quickly post,why always info to late ?

JD said...

Can you post the list of items you get for completing Tier 3 of each level?

Cherrypinkoes said...

crappy guys out there..if you think that his posts is outdated..then stop subscribing...otherwise...shut the f*** off your mumbling maybe useless for you but not for others... ;(

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