Vory or Mafiya Part 2

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Vory or Mafiya Part 2

For  your mafia Help differences between Vory and Mafiya for the latest edition of Mafia Wars Moscow are added .This is only for episode 3.

Episode 3 (Brigadir)

In episode 3, the only differences between Vory and Mafiya occurs during chapter 2.

Vory Episode 3, Chapter 2:

Mafiya Episode 3, Chapter 2:

Mafiya Episode 3, Chapter 2

Unique Loot:

From the "Use the Bank Guard's Keys To Access the Bank Armory" job (Vory Only):

Taiga Combat Shotgun ( only for Vory)

From the "Steal the Bank President's Car Keys" job (Mafiya Only):

Volk Luxury Sedan (only for Mafiya Only)

Neither tier (once again) is particularly better. The Taiga Combat Shotgun is just completely terrible though, while the Volk Luxury Sedan at least is decent. Other than that there is no distinguishing features between the two sides.

I honestly thought the tiers would diversify a bit more and have more than a job difference as more parts of the expansion came out. I guess feedback (read: mass panic over which side to pick) must have scared the developers into making it little real difference. Oh well, always episodes 4-6 to hope for!



Hüseyin Şentürk said...

thank you

dblacksmith said...

thanks a lot. :)

David said...

Well good job I picked Vory for my fighters and Mafiya for my farm account

captaingerswife said...

Why do you say the shot gun is terrible it has a higher attack than the car?

Marcella said...

Thanks. Our godfather had our clan pick Mafiya Hope he made the correct choice.

J said...

I had told many people that there wold be no difference other than Loot on the two side. I instructed many Clans to split their troops in half for effective trading, not one listened, as I knew there was no way we would all be fighting each other because Zynga would have had to re program the entire game. People fell in to the rumors.....but since I am on both sides...I have it all.

Joko said...

i will change and choose mafia..since it has better in defense..thanks!!

Hüseyin Şentürk said...

My head stopped

thank you

DR.JAY said...

i play both sides so i have access to all items though my main account is pretty much all attack, since i am against the all out defense gaff hook, cane knife, ru-38, private jet, falsified document,red coat scheme everyone keeps trying to do since before facebook was around. Honestly, It's really played out

djcleric said...

Lucky I don't play Moscow 1st.

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