Mafia Wars: Cuba Job Mastery Reward Items

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Mafia Wars: Cuba Job Mastery Reward Items

The Job Mastery Rewards in Mafia Wars: Cuba are items which can be used in fights rather than items with passive bonuses.

As in New York there are still three levels to each job tier. Every time you fill a bar (gain 1 star) you will gain one skill point. Once the bars beside every job are filled the level is mastered. You will receive the first title of the tier and the bars will reset and you're ready to start on the next level. Repeat the process twice more earning 1 skill point for every bar filled, and a title promotion for each level mastered. Once the 3rd level is mastered the bars will stay full and you will receive bonus loot items.

This is all the job mastery bonus' for Cuba..

Job Mastery Bonus - Cuba

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El Soldado (Tier 1) reward: El Rey Roadster

Vehicle: 40 Attack, 34 Defense

El Capitan (Tier 2) reward: Guerilla Commando

Armor: 38 Attack, 35 Defense

El Jefe (Tier 3) reward: Avispa Machine Gun

Weapon: 54 Attack, 24 Defense

El Patron (Tier 4) reward: Che's Beret

Armor: 46 Attack, 34 Defense

El Padriano (Tier 5) reward: Cocodrilo APC

Vehicle: 42 Attack, 56 Defense

El Cacique (Tier 6) reward: Cazador Assault Rifle

Weapon: 60 attack, 25 defense

And that's all the tiers. The rewards are a little disappointing - they do not really do much! Five total items is just a drop in the bucket when you can fight with 501 weapons, armors, and vehicles.

So try to get All.

See Job Mastery Bonus - New York


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